Short-term disability insurance

So you can concentrate on getting better

What does Insurance for temporary incapacity to work offer you?

Our insurance for temporary incapacity to work offers you protection in the event of illnesses or accidents that stop you from working as usual. In this regard, if you are compelled to interrupt your professional activity, you will receive support in the form of a financial provision.

Advantages of this insurance

We offer Temporary incapacity insurance calculated with a lot of benefits and very comprehensive cover.

Work without risks

Whether you are a self-employed worker or an employee, we help you to overcome the consequences of an illness or accident.

Adapted to your profession

Our insurance is adapted to your needs with adjustable daily benefits depending on your profession or normal income.

Collateral guarantees

You will have a combination of guarantees and additional, exclusive coverage, such as travel assistance or a benefit for giving birth.

Temporary incapacity for work insurance

Main coverage

If an illness causes a temporary inability to work of more than 7 days, you will receive an indemnity for each day you are on leave, according to the capital selected in the contract and the limits on our scale.

Additional coverage

If the reason behind a temporary disability of more than 7 days is an accident, with this guarantee you will receive an indemnity for each day you are on sick leave, depending on the capital covered in your contract and the limits laid out on our scale.


Insurance for incapacity to work is designed for any self-employed or freelance professionals who do not work under the general employee regime and are thus excluded from the benefits that employees receive. It can be taken out between the ages of 18 and 55, and can be renewed up to the age of 65.

Insurance for temporary incapacity to work is a guarantee for self-employed people in the event of an interruption to their professional activity.

Insurance for temporary incapacity to work is a scaled insurance, which means instead of compensating for the insured party's number of days they cannot work, a provision is paid based on a scale of pathologies that the customer will be aware of when taking out the policy.  

The main benefit is agility in terms of the procedures for receiving the compensation since, once the documentation on the incapacity has been submitted, we undertake to make the payment within 48 hours, without needing to wait for a medical discharge. In addition, it is not necessary for the company to monitor the incapacity, and even if you recover before the number of days determined on the scale, you will receive all the capital established according to the pathology in question. 

Why take out your Accident insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?


We offer flexible insurance for incapacity to work that lets you adapt the compensation capital in the event of temporary incapacity.

Personalised Customer Service

Our brokers will help you take out customized insurance for incapacity to work, resolving any queries you have and advising you on the best options.


Because with just a small amount each month, you will have the peace of mind that comes from having significant financial support in the event of incapacity to work.