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Gabriel Gisbert García

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Exclusive Plus Ultra Seguros Insurance Agency, second generation. With over 50 years' experience in the sector. Specialists in health, life and savings insurance We also offer a wide range of insurance plans for your business and family. A leading company in our province of Córdoba. We are here to help you.

We advise families and companies how to protect their assets against the risks they are exposed to in their daily lives. When there is a problem, we accompany and help the customer to reduce the financial consequences and help them feel that someone is on their side.

We have more than 50 years of experience. Throughout this trajectory, we have always counted on the trust and support of Plus Ultra Seguros. Participating in the company's main projects. We advise more than 2,500 families and companies on preventing risks.

We offer specific products that adapt to the needs of each customer. Aimed at Companies and Private customers alike, from the simplest car insurance to the most complex industrial risk plan.

  • Personal: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Savings, Retirement, Annuities, Pension Plans, Investment Insurance, Death Insurance and Rent Guarantee Insurance.
  • Assets: Home, Vehicles, Community, Pleasure Craft, Agricultural Vehicles.
  • Businesses: Insurance for your company's facilities, Civil Liability, Accidents, Construction Insurance, Transport Insurance, Agricultural Insurance, Wineries and Olive Oil Mills.

Plus Ultra Seguros is a company that forms part of the Catalana Occidente Group, a leader in the Spanish insurance sector and the global credit insurance sector. With constant growth and a great implementation. It is currently ranked in sixth position in the Spanish market and second worldwide for credit insurance. Present in 50 countries, with 7,000 employees and more than 1,600 branches. 

Insurance protection for the important things in life

Your vehicle

Your vehicle

Everything your vehicle needs

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Your health

Your health

Thinking about your health

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Savings and retirement insurance

Your savings and retirement

Build your future now

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Life insurance

Your life

The best gift

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Legal protection

Your legal protection

We defend your interests

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Civil liability

Civil liability

With all the liability

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Home and community insurance

Your home

Tailor-made for your home

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