What does the legal helpline service include?

Legal advice over the phone

We resolve your legal queries

Our legal team just a call away

With the legal helpline service offered by your car insurance, you can resolve any legal queries that may arise in your day-to-day life, relating to your vehicle, your home or your family. Discover more about this service.

24-hour service

With just one call to 917 83 83 83, at any time you need it, a professional team will resolve your legal queries.

About your vehicle

Our lawyers will answer your legal queries relating to your vehicle, formalities, claims or tax questions.

Other issues

And they will also answer your legal questions relating to your home, family, work and much more.

What does the legal helpline service include?

Ask us for legal questions about your vehicle, such as:

  • Selling it, leases, tax matters, claiming from workshops, warranties, registration, permits, technical inspection.
  • Procedures for claiming damages, both amicable and judicial, claim periods, workshops, expert assessments, personal damages, consumer rights.
  • Questions relating to the Insurance Compensation Consortium.
  • Taxes, fees, accidents, theft, alcohol testing, problems with tow trucks, etc.