Home assistance service

Assistance at home

When you need it most

Quick solutions for unforeseen events

With our home assistance service, you will have an immediate response from our professionals when something unexpected happens in your home or you need our help. Discover how we can help you.

In emergencies

We will send you a locksmith quickly if you cannot enter your home, or an emergency electrician if the power is out.

During a claim

We offer you a number of solutions to help everyday life continue while we sort out the repairs.

Handy services

From connections with all types of professionals to a permanent information line at your disposal.

What does the home assistance service include?

If you cannot enter or leave your home because you've lost your keys, they have been stolen or the lock is unusable, we will send you an emergency locksmith, and will cover the travel and labour costs.

This service does not include possible replacement or repair costs for the lock or any of its components.