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What does our insurance policy offer you?

With our Health reimbursement insurance policies, you can choose from the healthcare provided within our large medical directory, without incurring in any costs, or choose freely any medical centre or doctor, anywhere in the world. In this case, Plus Ultra Seguros will reimburse your expenses according to the limits established in each policy.

Benefits of this insurance

Worldwide assistance

Choose any healthcare professional anywhere in the world and recover the costs afterwards.

Ease of management

We provide you with an easy-to-use administrative system for acquiring medical authorisations in a maximum of 2 hours, and invoice reimbursement in 48 hours.

Expansive medical directory

You will also have access to our entire medical network, including the best professionals and most advanced and innovative medical centres, at no cost to yourself.

Cosalud healthcare

Main coverage

We provide you access to primary medical care consultations, an ambulance service and registered nurses, as well as emergency home care.

Find out about the different categories

This policy offers you a free choice of doctor, at an affordable cost, with a maximum insured capital of 47,500 euros per year.

You have the option to choose a doctor anywhere in the world, receiving a 90% reimbursement for expenses in Spain and an 80% reimbursement for expenses abroad.

Furthermore, you have access to all the guarantees in our medical directory, without having to make any payments.


This insurance is aimed at people who, whether they have a family or not, want to have a free selection of medical professionals in Spain and abroad.

The most suitable health insurance for you depends on the specific circumstances of you and your family, and so it's a very personal decision.

Broadly speaking, for a family with children or with a stable place of residence, insurance that uses the medical directory may be the best option, as it gives you access to a wide range of health care at a fixed price.

On the other hand, if you travel frequently, or if you always want to be able to go to your regular doctor, insurance that reimburses your expenses might be a better alternative.

Yes, whichever contract category you select, we offer you additional coverage so that you can design your policy around your needs, thus providing you with a more comprehensive health insurance plan.

Each insurance category has certain limits in place, established in the specific conditions of the policy. We recommend that you visit the 'Categories' section for more information.

We provide you an extensive medical directory with over 38,000 professionals that will take care of your health just like you deserve. Access it via this link and find the professional you require.

In collaboration with Dentyred, the Salud dental Plus coverage provides a dentistry directory with more than 2,000 professionals across Spain. You can access all the information at this link.

Plus Ultra Seguros have the following numbers available for any queries or processes you want to carry out: 902 25 10 25 or 91 783 83 84. You can also manage medical authorisations here.

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Request the reimbursement of the bills you have paid: bills for medical appointments, diagnostic tests and hospitalisation, among others.

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