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What does our insurance policy offer you?

We give you all you need so that you can focus all your efforts on your catering activity

Benefits of this insurance

Specific protection

Insurance designed expressly to protect businesses in the catering sector, especially bars and restaurants.

Completely adaptable

You can choose from a wide range of additional covers, as well as determine the limits to be insured. In addition, we offer you the possibility of including a secondary activity in your insurance.

Extensive coverage

We place at your disposal all the covers necessary to guarantee the success of your business, including those relating both to the premises insured and the goods necessary for carrying on the activity.

Additional extensions

You have the possibility of completing of your insurance, if you need to, - with specific protection for gardens and terraces, for the furnishings and also for the civil liability arising from your activity.


Main coverage

With this cover you will protect your property most completely with damage caused to the items insured through the direct action of fire, damage resulting from fire fighting or damage caused by an explosion or implosion in the business, among other things, being covered.

Optional coverage

A cover that protects from any loss of profits caused by any of the circumstances covered in the policy which prevents you from carrying on your activity normally. Furthermore, you may choose from among several type of indemnity: daily, associated with the loss of gross profit or linked to the loss of rents.


For this, our sure Hospitality industry Plus puts at your disposal loss of profits cover which stipulates an indemnity in the event of a temporary, total or partial shutdown of your activity as a result of any roadworks caused by an accidental occurrence beyond the control of the party insured.

In this case you have covers to insure damage to furnishings and machinery situated in gardens, porches or on terraces but must bear in mind that the terrace must have all the permits necessary for its installation and operation.

Both the owner's property and that of third parties in the establishment insured by virtue of the activity carried on form part of the content. Furthermore, holdups of clients and employees of the establishment insured may be insured.

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