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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Do you want to secure your family's stability? Would you like to set up a capital payment in case anything were to happen to you? What would be your family's financial needs in the case of your possible death? Vida Express Plus gives you an immediate answer to these situations.

Benefits of this insurance

Very useful

With services you will be able to use right from the outset, such as the online will or the telephone helplines for medical guidance and legal assistance.

Express contracts

You can take out our 'Vida Express Plus' policy simply and easily, as it does not require a previous medical assessment, just your basic details.

You choose how much capital to insure

We offer several options so that you can choose the one that's best suited to your family's circumstances.

With the flexibility that you need

Decide between making the payment yearly, twice yearly or monthly. We also offer you the possibility to take out the contract with a consistent or increasing capital amount.


Coverages of the Vida express Plus insurance policy

With this cover, the beneficiaries mentioned in the policy will receive an indemnity in the event of the insured person's death, the amount of which will depend on the capital sum contracted.

Payment methods and taxation

We offer you flexibility when it comes to the payment, so that you can choose the most comfortable method for you. You can choose between annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly payment.

Online will

Access the online will service

If you already have your life insurance policy with Plus Ultra Seguros, discover now how the online will service works and all the benefits it offers you.

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This life insurance guarantees that the beneficiary indicated in the insurance contract will get compensation that will allow him/her to face delicate situations such as the death or permanent and absolute disability of the insured person.

Meanwhile, life insurance policies linked to mortgage contracts tend to exclusively guarantee coverage of the debt with the banking institution.

For this reason, it's smart to take out life insurance that guarantees our family's stability, beyond simply settling the mortgage.

We need to bear in mind that, in the case of death, our financial resources must cover both the needs of our family and the difference between Social Security provisions and our standard of living.

In the case of disability, we would need to deal with a significant increase in expenses derived from home care, which, in addition to a reduction in income, would cause a significant reduction to our initial equity.

In this case, it's beyond advisable to have a life insurance policy whose compensation can serve as a guarantee for maintaining our living standard in these scenarios.

Public provisions offered by administrations cover the cases of orphanhood, widowhood and occupational disability. However, the calculation of these provisions are just a percentage of the regulatory base of the deceased or disabled person's salary.

In this context, our relatives would be obliged to cover the difference between Social Security coverage and their living standard. Having life insurance seems like a more than reasonable solution when facing the difference in income caused by scenarios such as death or permanent and absolute disability.

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