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Agricultural insurance

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What is our Agricultural insurance all about?

Agricultural insurance policies offer you a wide variety of insurance specifically designed for activity carried out in the field and the risks that can affect agricultural and livestock undertakings. With our agricultural insurance policies, you will be protecting your business and guaranteeing its future.

What are the advantages of agricultural insurance?

There are many risks that can affect farming companies and, therefore, our agricultural insurance policies provide many advantages.

Tailor-made insurance policies

From insurance policies with a comprehensive coverage, such as agricultural multi-risk insurance, to more specific ones for your activity, such as winery or oil mill insurance.

Full cover

Include coverage for any damage to your facilities, home, livestock, crops and even civil liability for your activity in your agricultural insurance policy.

Always moving

Because we know that your activity in the field never stops, our agricultural insurance policies cover theft, machinery breakdown and loss of profits, so your business encounters no obstacles.


Activities carried out in the agricultural sector are particularly exposed and therefore may be subject to damages resulting from different natural phenomena, diseases or accidents, which many times cannot be anticipated. To avoid these events from having a negative impact on your business, taking out an agricultural insurance policy with the suitable coverage is the best solution to ensure its continuity. 

Our mediators specialise in informing you about the products and covers you need to run your business. Therefore, if you are interested in taking out an agricultural insurance policy, we recommend that you contact your nearest branch or your mediator and we will provide you all the information you need. 

Why take out an agricultural insurance policy with Plus Ultra?

We have extensive experience in agricultural insurance, and we offer you products with high standards of quality and advice from the best professionals.

Experience in the sector

Plus Ultra Seguros is greatly committed to the agricultural sector and has created specific solutions for your needs, updating them and extending them throughout the years.

Professional team

Our mediators and professionals know about all the details of our agricultural insurance policies and are constantly in contact with customers to offer them the best advice.


Plus Ultra's agricultural insurance policies include various additional covers so each customer can adapt their policy to the general nature of their holding, crop, livestock or farming activity.