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Agricultural insurance


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What is agricultural insurance?

The aim of Agroseguro is to protect businesses involved in the agricultural, farming, forest and fishing industry. In order to offer the best possible guarantees, this insurance has the support and specialisation of the Spanish Agricultural Insurance System, providing a wide variety of cover for the different types of risk that the agricultural sector faces.

Advantages of this insurance

Agroseguro offers you solutions for all types of agricultural and livestock undertakings and includes an array of advantages.

Peace of mind

Protection adjusted to the needs of different activities in the rural environment, with a specific insurance for each type of crop, livestock or holding.

Extensive coverage

It provides a wide range of covers included in the combined agricultural insurance system, and it features specific plans that are reviewed and updated every year.


The insurance can be taken out easily and swiftly thanks to our group of advisers with specific training in the agricultural sector.


The combined Agricultural insurance enjoys considerable subsidies from the central government and regional authorities.



We provide cover to damage sustained by the insured crops due to hail, hurricane winds, frost, floods and drought. In addition, they shall be protected in production, plantation and facilities. This coverage will be applied and adjusted to the type of crop required insuring. In general terms:

  • Production: it covers damage due to hail and frost, as well as exceptional damage sustained by wild animals, torrential rain, hurricane winds and the rest of adverse climatic conditions
  • Plantation: it covers the death of the tree, as well as the loss of the following year's harvest
  • In facilities: it covers any climatic risk beyond the farmer's control


This insurance is aimed at all the professionals in the agricultural sector that need protection against accidental or weather-related damage that directly affects their holding. It can be adjusted to any type of operator related to the sector, such as large agribusinesses, small and medium enterprises, self-employed farmers and similar.

All those related to the agricultural, farming, forestry and aquaculture production sectors.

The Agroseguro system works as a state agricultural insurance structure that provides the best possible coverage. These main institutions comprising it are:

  • The State, through ENESA (State Agricultural Insurance Body), DGSFP (General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions) and CCS (Insurance Compensation Consortium)
  • The Autonomous Communities, which complement the subsidies for taking out agricultural insurance
  • The Agricultural Organisations that represent farmers and livestock breeders
  • The Insurance Companies, which belong to Agroseguro

The Combined agricultural insurance system is one of the most advanced in the world and it provides multiple advantages, such as: 

  • A compensation equivalent to the combination of the economic damage sustained and the level of coverage taken out
  • Indemnities are received within 60 days from the harvest or the termination of the covers
  • It allows maintaining the income level and, therefore, its continuous exploitation
  • Your financial soundness will be stronger in the face of financial instituions and individuals

Why take out an Agricultural insurance policy with Plus Ultra Seguros?

At Plus Ultra we are experts at offering the best cover for agricultural and livestock risks and, with our experience, we can give you the best advice.


We adapt our offer to the type of crop, livestock, holding or farming activity, with the most important coverage to protect your business.

Personalised Customer Service

Because each agricultural business is unique, we will take into account the nature of your activity and its location in order to offer you close and personalised customer service.

The best professionals

Plus Ultra Seguros has been collaborating with Agroseguro (the Spanish agricultural insurance system) for many years and our professionals can offer you the best advice on coverage and insurance.