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What does our Cattle insurance policy offer you?

With our Cattle insurance we place at your disposal the covers necessary to properly protect your livestock farming, whether it is for meat or milk, in order to prevent an interruption of your activity in the face of unforeseen eventualities.

Advantages of this insurance

The Livestock insurance will help you be prepared against any eventualities and keep up the pace of your business.

Broad protection

It includes covers for your operations - cattle, agricultural machinery, stock used in your activity, and even your house - in one single agreement.

All types of operations

We have a tailor-made solution for everyone, from family livestock farms to small, medium-sized and large operations.

Protect your activity

Protect your business from eventualities, from damage caused by atmospheric phenomena or fire to machinery breakdown or loss of your cattle.


Main coverage

With Cattle insurance you will have specific solutions for your livestock farming in a wide variety of situations:

  • Fire, explosion and lightning : covering direct damage from fire to your facilities and property, as well as the costs arising from firefighting measures.
  • Weather damage: caused by winds and rain of great intensity.
  • Electrical damage to fixed installations : arising from the electricity of the container or lightning.
  • Water damage, including locating and repairing the damage: with this optional cover you will protect your property from water damage, taps not turned off,by mistake or infiltrations in housing or adjacent premises.
  • Operations, employers and product civil liability: if you include these additional covers, we will be liable for and will defend your interests in the event of claims by third parties in connection with the operation of your business, possible accidents suffered by your employees, and your products and you may also include civil liability for accidental contamination.

More optional coverage

With this optional cover, you will be protecting your property in the event of thefts occurring on your farm as well as the repair of damage caused as a result.


This insurance is aimed at those people and companies whose business consists of a cattle farm producing meat or milk.

This insurance gives you protection in the event of the interruption of production on your cattle farm through accidental losses.

This insurance considers the following items as containers and they will be included in the agreement:

  • All constructed items which constitute a building, hangar or dwelling. Including fixed tanks and silos, as well as foundations, doors and windows
  • Adjacent premises and constructions located on the farm
  • Fences and walls of buildings.
  • Fixed installations for water, sanitary fittings, gas, electricty, telephone and air-conditioning services as well as those for firefighting and protection against theft
  • Radio and television aerials, as well as awnings, signs and placards attached to the buildings insured
  • Repair decoration work carried out by the party insured
  • Rafts for irrigation

This insurance considers operation of the following items as content:

  • Agricultural or cattle machinery, electronic equipment, transformers, solar energy installations, irrigation equipment, tools, utensils and work instruments characteristic of the activity insured
  • Non-fixed farm furnishings and decorative items
  • Stock: raw materials, products in any phase of the manufacturing process, products for sale, manure, fodder, packaging, spares, accessories and items used directly by reason of the activity insured

If the property is included in the livestock insurance contract, the property considered to be the property content will be the series of objects within the property that make it habitable, such as furniture, furniture or personal effects, which are not considered part of the building elements.

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