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What is Oil mill insurance?

The oil mill insurance, Almazara Plus, offers specific protection for the agricultural sector, specifically for oil production facilities and table olive pickling and packaging processes.

Benefits of this insurance

We take care of your business

Our insurance offers you a wide range of coverage options aimed at protecting your oil mill facilities and the merchandise prepared there.

Extensive coverage

Insure your business against contingencies that interrupt your production, and include a civil liability coverage specific to your activity.

Tailor-made extensions

We also provide you a range of complementary coverage options so you can tailor-make this insurance to the needs of your oil mill.

Oil mill

Main coverage

This coverage provides you guarantees against direct material damage caused by fire, explosion and lightning to insured merchandise. In the event of a fire, it also includes any expenses arising from the measures employed to extinguish and prevent its spreading.

More optional coverage

This optional coverage covers damage sustained to electronic and electrical machinery and devices due to abnormal currents by electricity or lightning.


The Oil mill insurance is aimed at those who are engaged in the preparation and packaging of oil or table olives.

This insurance guarantees the coverage of any damage caused to your business, thus minimising the economic impact that any unforeseen events can have on the running of your business.

The oil mill insurance considers premises all the oil mill's structural elements, which include from the building's construction elements to the landscaped areas outside. This also includes fixed installations, such as awnings and outdoor signage.

The content, on the other hand, includes all the goods within the oil mill, such as the machinery, stock of raw materials and finished product, works of art, if any, even if they belong to third parties.  

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