Winery insurance

Insurance for wineries

As unique as your winery

What is Insurance for wineries?

Our Bodegas Plus insurance for wineries offers you cover that has been especially designed for the professional activities of wineries and cooperatives, taking into account the wide range of activities that may be performed at these facilities, including picking, fermentation, ageing and the creation of musts and ciders.

Benefits of this insurance

Civil liability

This Winery insurance offers extensive guarantees in the coverage of civil liability, such as that deriving from winery tours.

Specific guarantees

We cover the expenses arising from breakage and damage in vats, wine spillage, bottle breakage and the deterioration of merchandise, among others.

Tailor-made extensions

We also provide you a range of complementary coverage options so you can tailor-make this insurance to the needs of your winery.


Main coverage

This coverage guarantees the indemnity for direct material damages resulting from fire, explosion and lightning in insured goods.

In the event of a fire, it does not only cover the damage, but also the expenses arising from stopping or extinguishing the fire or impeding it from spreading.

More optional coverage

This additional guarantee covers damage sustained to electronic and electrical machinery and devices part of the insured property due to abnormal currents caused by electricity or lightning.


Wineries Plus is aimed at people whose business is a winery or cooperative engaged in making must, fermenting or ageing, making cider, etc.

By taking out an insurance for your winery, you are guaranteed a specific coverage for any damage caused while carrying out your activity, helping you deal with any unforeseen events and thus minimising the economic impact on your business

The Wineries Plus insurance considers premises the following elements:

  • All constructed items which constitute a building
  • The foundations, roofs, doors and windows
  • Adjacent premises and constructions located on the property
  • Fixed installations for water, sanitary fittings, gas, electricty, telephone and air-conditioning services
  • Radio and television aerials, as well as awnings, signs and placards
  • Power lines owned by the insured person and within the enclosure
  • Recreational facilities and the lanscape infrastructure part of the insured business

This insurance considers content the following elements located within the insured premises:

  • Machinery, electronic equipment, transformers, tools, utensils and work instruments characteristic of the activity insured
  • Non-fixed furnishings and decorative items
  • Stock: raw materials and products in any phase of the manufacturing process
  • Special valuables, such as tapestries, paintings, carpets and works of art
  • Any goods owned by third parties that are found in possession of the insured person within the aforementioned premises

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