All risk assembly insurance

When all pieces fit

What is All risk assembly insurance?

All risk construction and assembly insurance offers you protection against losses or damage affecting the machinery or industrial plant during its assembly, both in works already carried out as well as those in progress.

Benefits of this insurance

Expert brokers

With specialised personnel in assembly insurance that will advise you when contracting and provide you with the best suited protection for your company.

Extensive covers

From conventional to assembly-related risks, as well as those originating from defects in materials or labour, and in general any accidental cause.

Complete protection

For damage sustained by the industrial plant or machinery during its assembly and any accidents caused during test runs.


Main coverage

Conventional risks are those arising from fire, explosion, lightning, theft and burglary, fall of aircraft, vehicle collision and impacts.


This insurance is aimed at assemblers, manufacturers, and owners of industrial plants and machinery.

To guarantee the coverage of any damage sustained to the industrial plant and machinery during its assembly process and tests, thus minimising the negative effects that these could lead to in the running of your business.

Why take out Comprehensive assembly insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Because we have extensive experience in offering these types of insurance policies and can offer you a broader perspective of the potential risks you should cover.

Personalised Customer Service

We are convinced that you deserve a quality service and we want to offer you a positive experience in all your dealings with us, therefore we intend to get to know you a little more with every contact and intend to exceed your expectations time and time again.


At Bonus Ultra Insurance, we know that every construction project has very specific characteristics. That's why we study your projects and offer you a made-to-measure insurance policy featuring the cover that best suits your business.

Complete protection

Carry out your assembly or construction activity safe in the knowledge that you are protected, thanks to the wide range of coverage included in your all risk assembly insurance.