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Fully comprehesive construction and assembly insurance

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What is Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance?

The Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance offers you protection against any loss or damage arising from works that you are executing, whether you are a builder, contractor, property owner or a developer.

Advantages of this insurance

Make the most of all the advantages that the Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance has to offer and execute the works with full guarantees.

Expert brokers

We have qualified and expert personnel in this type of insurance that will provide you the advice you require in order to contract the insurance that best meets your needs.

Extensive covers

From conventional risks, such as fire, atmospheric phenomena or theft, to those specific to construction, such as risks originating from design errors, defects in materials and labour, and in general any accidental and unforeseen cause.

Complete protection

We guarantee any damage sustained in ongoing construction work, in completed work and to materials on-site.


What does Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance cover?

We cover any damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning, theft and robbery, fall of aircraft, vehicle collision and impacts.


This insurance is aimed at builders, contractors and property developers or owners.

The Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance guarantees the coverage of loss or damage sustained during the construction of the insured works. At Plus Ultra Seguros, you can insure a wide range of works, whether construction or civil works.

There are some construction-related insurance policies that are compulsory, such as the ten-year insurance or the bargaining agreement's accident insurance agreement; others that are compulsory in some autonomous regions, such as professional indemnity insurance; and others are voluntary, such as the fully comprehensive insurance for construction.

Although the latter is not compulsory, it is highly recommended, as it guarantees any material damages or losses sustained by construction work of buildings and in civil engineering in completed or ongoing permanent and temporary works, as well as by the material on-site, due to an accident or unforeseen event.

The validity of the insurance is determined by the duration of the construction. The insurance cover encompasses the beginning of the works up to their completion and delivery to the developer/owner (with the issuance of the Final Completion Certificate and, where applicable, the Works Acceptance Report).

If the works are completed after the planned date, you must request the insurer to extend the contract.

Why take out Fully comprehensive construction and assembly insurance?

Personalised Customer Service

A construction company has to take on major projects, which must be backed by the best professionals who are always available to offer you the answers you need.


You can design your comprehensive construction insurance, based on the main cover options and including the additional guarantees that best suit your needs.

Complete protection

We want to offer you an all-inclusive service so you have everything required in a Fully comprehensive insurance for construction in a single insurance policy.