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What is Combined business insurance?

Combined business insurance offers protection adapted to the specific needs of the industrial sector of your business. It stands out for its flexibility, adapting to the size and features of your business, and the ease of taking out multi-situational risk.

Advantages of this insurance

We provide you with the experience of our business insurance experts, who will advise you on choosing the cover that best suits your business.

Specific advice

We have qualified professionals to provide you with specialised advice on the running and needs of large companies.


You decide if you want to cover the building, the fittings and machinery, the inventory, or everything as a whole. You can also declare multi-situations if needed.


Since each company has its own specificities, in addition to the mandatory coverage, we offer the option to customize the offering with coverage the customer may need for its specific risk.


Main coverage

We guarantee cover for damage caused by fire, explosion and lightning.

More optional coverage

This insurance offers you the following additional extensions to adjust insurance protection to your company's needs. The following are covered:

  • Rain, wind, hail or snow.
  • Smoke, sonic waves, aircraft crashes, impact of third-party land vehicles.
  • Vandalism.

All of this with the limits and intensities covered in the policy.


You never know when an unforeseen event may occur: your company may suffer a robbery, machinery breakdown or accidental breakage of glass, among other incidents. This insurance is designed to guarantee cover for expenses arising from any eventualities befalling your company. 

It is a flexible insurance policy that will allow you to choose between a wide range of covers that you can adapt to your needs. An example of this is Public liability, which offers you specific options depending on the nature of your activity, such as mechanics workshops, public car parks and hotels, as well as general cover for operations, products and personnel.

Why take out our Combined Business insurance?

Because we provide you with all our experience in order to offer you the best possible protection for your company.

Personalised Customer Service

No matter what activity your business carries out, we adapt our insurance to suit your company.

The best professionals

We surround you with the best professionals, to advise you at all times and to design the multi-risk business insurance that you really need, explaining each coverage clearly and simply.

Automatic reappraisal

To make sure your insurance is always up to date, we offer the possibility of automatically reappraising your insured capital.