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Insurance for transport companies

Complete, tailor-made solution

What is the Insurance for transport companies?

Our Integral trans Plus transport insurance is aimed at transport and logistics companies, offering comprehensive protection, with cover for both civil liability and damage to goods transported in the same policy. This insurance allows you to choose the covers best suited to your activity, thus making it an innovative transport companies insurance.

Benefits of this insurance

All-in-one solution

It is a suitable and complete solution for all those employers and professionals involved in logistics and the transportation of goods.


We offer to include the civil liability of your activity and damage to goods cover together or separately.

Specialist advice

We place a team of specialist professionals at your disposal to advise you while taking out the agreement and to take any action that you need.


Main coverage

We cover contractual liability in the event of harm being caused to a client as a result of material damage both on national and international territory in accordance with compliance with the Law on Contracts for the Transport of Goods by Land (LCTTM) or the Agreement on Goods by Road (CMR), as appropriate.


Integral trans Plus has been devised for those transportation of goods and logistics employers and professionals seeking a simple, complete and effective tool to insure their activity.

Some of the groups at whom this insurance is aimed are:

  • Carriers
  • Transport commission agents
  • Logistics professionals
  • Multi-modal transport agents: by road, river, train, air or sea
  • Forwarding agents

Integral trans Plus offers protection throughout the world, except for countries engaged in armed conflict or subject to commercial restrictions.

Depending on the needs of your business, you can opt for the civil liability or material damage covers or both. Furthermore, the flexibility of this insurance offers you the possibility of taking out any type of policy on the market: adjustable annually, quarterly or monthly, as well as simple or per journey policies.

Why take out carrier insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

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