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Civil liability

Civil liability for directors and officers

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What is Civil liability insurance for directors?

This insurance plan is aimed at administrators, directors, managers and other company executives to cover claims arising from the exercise of their position, protecting their personal property in the event of third-party requirements.

Benefits of this insurance

Complete solution

We give you a wide range of extensive covers and high limits of indemnity.

Protect your assets

As this insurance will be liable in those cases of individual liability so that you do not have to do so with your assets.


In order to simplify and speed up the process of taking out the insurance we place at your disposal a team of qualified professionals with wide experience in the business field.

Managers Civil Liability

Main coverage

We cover the payment of indemnities arising from civil liability which you have to meet as a director or officer as a result of an incorrect act being carried out either through an act or omission giving rise to liability being claimed.


This insurance is aimed at directors and officers who wish to protect their assets from the negative consequences arising from a wrongful action in the performance of their duties.

This insurance has a series of exclusions from cover, including:

  • Physical injury, illness or death of a person
  • Damage to physical assets
  • Damage through contamination, although our insurance has cover for defence costs due to contamination
  • Damage and/or harm arising from the normal progress of the company's activity
  • Fines and sanctions of any kind, except those included in the Official Sanctions cover and its limits
  • Deceit

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SIALP allows you to make regular or extraordinary contributions and redeem the full amount of your investment after the first year.

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