Insurance for businesses

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What is business insurance?

Our business insurance will protect your business, irrespective of the activity you are engaged in, from day-to-day unexpected eventualities. We offer you comprehensive, flexible and adaptable insurance that meets your business's features and needs.

What are the benefits of these insurance plans?

If you are looking for the best insurance plan for your company, with Plus Ultra Seguros you will enjoy great benefits, services and coverage when you take them out.


We offer you the most comprehensive coverage, based on our experience, so that your activity is protected from start to finish.


We offer you a series of additional guarantees so that you can complement your insurance with those you consider necessary for the characteristics of your business.


It doesn't matter which sector your company operates in, or the size of your company, as we offer insurance solutions to suit each and every scenario.


The aim of company insurance is to protect it against any unforeseen events that may affect the business, paying special attention to those circumstances that have more likelihood of occurring, and thus having the necessary protection against this type of event and for the business activity to be affected as little as possible.

Taking into account the multiple variables that need to be assessed in order to determine the optimal insurance for companies in each case, it is important to be advised by an expert on the matter who can help us to make the best possible decision and to take out what we really need.

A company insurance plan can be taken out to cover many aspects of the business, from fire or theft, to the loss of goods or the breakdown of machinery. It is even possible that what is intended to be covered are possible claims regarding damages caused to third parties during the performance of the business activity.

The types of company insurance plans and the levels of coverage are usually determined by the type of company that it is intended to protect and the activity to be carried out, and may include all or some of the necessary cover for covering these and other situations, so that, due to its potential complexity, it is advisable to consult an expert on the subject.

Why take out business insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Because our accumulated experience allows us to offer you the most suitable protection for your company.

Wide range of coverage

We offer a wide range of coverage, customised for your business and with the advice of our best professionals, so that you devote all your energy to running your business.

Maximum information

We are committed to offering you regular information, which is useful and relevant to you and your business, with the constant advice of our business insurance experts.

Exclusive services

With our business insurance you will enjoy a series of exclusive services to help you to manage your business and make sure that your experience with us is even better.