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What is Comprehensive business insurance?

Comprehensive business insurance is a comprehensive solution designed for large companies, offering protection against all kinds of risks, with coverage even of damage to premises and the contents of facilities and goods.

Advantages of this insurance

With our comprehensive business insurance, you will enjoy comprehensive protection, including a wide range of coverage which can be improved with other additional guarantees.

Full protection

This insurance policy covers from material damages affecting your company to public liability, robbery and machinery breakdowns.

Extension of guarantees

So that you can create the insurance policy that your company really needs, we place at your disposal a series of additional covers, such as loss of profit, damage to goods, or robbery of debt collectors and cash carriers.


This insurance allows you great flexibility in contracting. You decide if you want to cover the building, the fittings and machinery, the inventory, or everything as a whole. You can also declare multi-situations if needed.


Main coverage

The main cover of the Fully comprehensive companies insurance offers you protection against any material damage sustained by your company's items as a result of sudden accidental and unforeseen events not specifcally excluded from the insurance agreement.

Among other things, we will compensate you for damage which a fire may cause to your facilities, as well as the loss of items, the expenses arising from the measures taken to fight it or prevent it spreading.

Furthermore, the costs of transporting your property to safeguard them in the event of a loss and in the event of them sustaining damage or disappearing would also be covered. Furthermore, we cover the fees of architects, engineers, inspectors and other professionals' needed to repair or reconstruct the items damaged.

All of this in accordance with the items and sums declared when taking out the policy.

More optional coverage

Fully comprehensive company insurance offers you additional covers so that you can take out the insurance plan that suits you best. Some optional covers that we put at your disposal are:

  • Civil liability in the event of damage through fire or explosion to third parties, including the owner of the building if you are a tenant
  • Robbery and theft of companies' property and damage caused during the robbery or theft. It also includes the theft of money in a safe, robbery during the transportation of funds and employees' infidelity
  • Electrical breakdown of computers, electronic equipment and machinery
  • Loss of goods in cold storage due to interruption of the power supply or breakdown
  • Loss of profits due to the business activity being interrupted during repair of the damages suffered through a loss covered by the policy
  • 24-hour assistance for your company


This insurance is designed for large companies that want the maximum protection for their business and need flexibility to select the capital and covers that best suit their characteristics and activities.

You may choose between insuring the premises, the content or both.

Premises are the set of main or attached construction elements, its fixed utility installations (water, gas, heating or electricity, among others), integrated fixed elements (doors, windows and enclosures) and the installations outside, provided that they are within the companies property.

As content you can insure the furniture, machinery and proprietary installations related to your business activity, as well as your inventory, whether fixed or floating capital.

Yes. Fully comprehensive companies includes this modality, which has been conceived for those companies that rent their premises and want to cover the restoration, updating and decoration work carried out in it.

Why take out business insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Personalised Customer Service

Because every client is unique, we are at your side to offer you the service that suits your particular circumstances.

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We provide you with the advice, know-how and experience of our business insurance professionals.

Automatic reappraisal

Your comprehensive business insurance will always be up to date, because we offer the possibility of automatically revaluing your insured capital, to put your mind at ease.