Fire insurance for businesses

Insurance for businesses

Fire Insurance

The perfect complement to prevention

What does our fire insurance offer?

Fire Insurance offers you specific coverage, required for many different occasions and activities. With it, you can protect your goods against any damages caused directly by fire. Our Fire insurance also offers you protection against damages caused by lightning or explosions.

What are the advantages of this insurance?

Taking out Fire insurance has serious advantages when it comes to protecting your business activity.

Full coverage

Fire insurance includes, in one policy, all damages relating to the fire, including direct damages to your belongings as well as those arising from the measures taken to extinguish it.

Collateral guarantees

This is a specific insurance policy which may be required for certain activities and/or businesses, and which can also be complemented with additional coverage to that offered by fire, explosion, and lightning insurance.

Prevention advice

Plus Ultra Seguros offers you exclusive professional advice on the subject of fire prevention and protection for your business, establishment, or facilities.

Fire insurance for businesses

Fire insurance coverage

This cover protects you against material damages or losses to your goods caused directly or as a consequence of fire: whether accidental, caused by a stranger, or due to an error or accident.

Your insurance can also include permanent fixtures such as those found on your premises, shed, or office; as well as the various belongings they contain, such as specific furnishings, furnishings for business use, or stock.


To find out how much Fire insurance will cost we need to take into account various significant factors, such as the type of activity a company carries out on its premises, its location, the characteristics of the building, any fire prevention measures, and the presence of flammable products, as well as the value of the goods to be insured. 

Coverage for our Fire insurance policy can include protecting your goods such as specific furnishings, industrial furnishings, machinery, merchandise, and stock, etc. This is why it is necessary to make an up-to-date inventory of the value of all these items before taking out the insurance. Our mediators specialise in guiding our customers through the process, tailoring each policy to the needs of each one. 

Fire is one of the main causes of serious claims, and causes the most costly damages to companies, homes, and businesses. This is why it is standard - due to legal regulations for certain activities - that you take out fire insurance, so that your goods, investments, and properties are protected if a fire breaks out. 

Taking out a Fire insurance policy gives you a tailor-made solution for these situations. Talk to our mediators and find out how to tailor your fire insurance policy to your activity or business. 

Why take out our Fire insurance?

When you take out our Fire insurance you can be safe in the knowledge that you're getting advice from the best experts.

Personalised Customer Service

Our team of professionals and mediators will guide you in configuring the Fire insurance that best suits your business and the activity you carry out there.

Experts in companies

At Plus Ultra Seguros we have solutions for your company and a broad experience in the sector, making us experts that can provide you advice at all times.

Personalised coverage

Our Fire insurance has been designed to include additional guarantees and cover that meet your needs.