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Burglary/robbery Insurance


What is burglary/robbery insurance?

Our specialist Burglary/robbery insurance for companies and businesses has been designed to offer you the best coverage against the loss of goods, belongings, cash, machinery, and tools belonging to your business: as a result of burglary or robbery, or of any damage to these goods on the premises.

Advantages of this insurance

There are a number of advantages to taking out Burglary/robbery insurance to protect your business' goods.

Extensive coverage

That will respond to the disappearance, destruction, or deterioration of items insured by the policy, which can be adapted to your business' activity and size.

Keep your business going

When you take out Burglary/robbery insurance you can be safe in the knowledge that your company will quickly recover from any loss of machinery or tools, and keep your business going.

Include windows, valuable objects, and money

If required you can extend your insurance to cover valuable objects, window displays, and cash kept in safes or held in transit en-route to banks.

Burglary/robbery insurance for businesses

Insurance coverage

This coverage gives you protection against any losses caused by the disappearance, destruction, or deterioration of insured objects as a consequence of theft or attempted theft by a third party accessing the premises illegally. 

Illegal access includes, among others, gaining access through breaking doors, windows, or display windows, opening locks with lockpicks or similar, or if the thief gains access in secret and conceals themself to commit the crime when the premises are closed. 

The coverage also protects you against the theft of goods in safes or locked furniture provided that access to them has been illegal in the same way as to the premises.


To find out how much Burglary/robbery insurance will cost we need to take into account various significant factors, such as the type of activity carried out on the premises, their location and characteristics, any anti-theft security measures, the existence of display windows, windows, and other access points, as well as the value of the goods to be insured. 

Our Burglary/robbery insurance coverage can include protection for goods such as industrial furnishings, machinery, merchandise (whether held inside or in display windows), cash, and valuable objects. This is why it is necessary to make an up-to-date inventory of the value of all these items before taking out the insurance. Our mediators specialise in guiding our customers through the process, tailoring each policy to the needs of each one.

All of these terms refer to objects or goods being taken illegally, but the main difference is in the legal definition of both terms. When we talk about larceny, we're referring to something being taken without the use of force or violence against a person, rather, it is opportunistic, and taking advantage of carelessness. For a situation to be considered a theft, and to be covered by the policy, the goods must be taken by the use of force or violence against a person.

Why take out Burglary/robbery insurance?

When you take out the Burglary/robbery insurance policy you can be safe in the knowledge that you're getting advice from the best experts.

Personalised Customer Service

Our team of professionals and mediators will guide you in configuring the burglary/robbery insurance policy that best suits your business and the activity you carry out there.

Experts in companies

At Plus Ultra Seguros we have solutions for your company and a broad experience in the sector, making us experts that can provide you advice at all times.

Personalised coverage

We offer you a flexible burglary/robbery insurance policy where you can include the additional guarantees and cover that meet your needs.