Insurance for the transportation of goods

Your investment intact

What does our Transportation insurance offer you?

Our Goods transportation insurance offers the most complete protection to cover any material damages sustained by your goods during transportation by land, sea or air, both nationally and internationally.

Advantages of this insurance

The transportation of goods insurance provides you with all the peace of mind that you need in your deliveries.

Professional support

We have a team of specialist professionals dealing with and advising on the transportation of goods.

International cover

We offer cover for your goods during its distribution in Spain as well as during exportation or importation thereof.

Any means of transport

An insurance designed to be adapted to any means of transport, be it by road rail sea or air, even multimode.

Maximum personalisation

Choose from a wide range of covers to design insurance tailor-made to your needs in accordance with the goods which you transport.


Main coverage

Damage sustained by your goods regardless of the cause of the fire or explosion, except for spontaneous combustion.

Optional coverage

The Institute Cargo Clause (A) is an optional cover for goods in the event of damp, spillages, breakages, loss or lack of entire or partial ṕackages, theft, damages during loading and unloading, among other cases.

Apart from the above covers, in the event of transportation by sea, it grants cover against all accidental perils of the sea, jettisoning and dragging overboard by waves and fire and theft in transshipment or destination ports.


Our Cargo insurance is intended for all owners of goods and shipipers who want to protect their goods from possible damage which they may sustain during transportation, loading and unloading.

We adapt ourselves to your needs, which is why we offer you different types so that you can take out our Cargo insurance as an annual policy by volume of turnover, travel, floating, adjustable policy or policy by registrations.

Cargo insurance offers the best protection throughout the world, except for countries engaged in armed conflict or subject to commercial restrictions.

Why take out the Transportation of goods insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?


Our insurance for goods allows you to choose the most suitable additional coverage according to the protection you need during their transportation.

Personalised Customer Service

Taking out your transportation of goods insurance policy is very simple thanks to our mediators, who will advise you at all times.

The best professionals

Making our panel of experts available to you, so that you can consult them on any queries you may have.