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Health insurance for companies and groups

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What is group health insurance?

Health insurance for groups is designed to offer members of a group the possibility of enjoying health insurance, of any type, in the best possible economic conditions. Those conditions will be determined by the number of members of the group and the kind of employees in them.

What are the advantages of these insurance policies?

Group health insurance offers you access to quality healthcare, with a wide range of coverage.

Comprehensive medical directory

Access more than 38,000 professional healthcare experts, in all medical/surgical specialities, as well as leading hospitals.


Reduce the waiting time to attend to the medical specialists you need, improving the quality of care you receive.

Reimbursement for medical services

With the medical directory modality, you will be reimbursed for medical fees for consultations with paediatricians and gynaecologists, or for pharmaceutical expenses.


Insurance companies when calculating payment for group contributions take into account the number of insured persons, their average age and the professional activity.

The price to be paid by each of the insured parties will be determined according to these parameters.

When a company or group decides to offer its employees or associates the possibility of joining a group health insurance, it is offering them the option of doing so at a more economical price than if they took it out individually.

In addition, in many cases group health insurance plans do not have grace periods or, if they exist, they are usually lower than those of individual policies.

If you have any queries or processes that you wish to carry out, you can contact Plus Ultra Seguros on the following telephone number: +34 917 83 83 83. You can also manage your medical authorisations through this link.

Why take out company health insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

We take care of managing a quality healthcare service, with the best professionals, and in the shortest possible time.

We bring you close to the best

You provide you with access to the latest diagnostic tests and highly prestigious medical professionals, to take care of your health.

Efficient management

We simplify processes so that you receive the best healthcare and all you need to do is watch your health.

Wide range of affiliated services

In order to offer you access to very expensive techniques and treatments such as assisted reproduction, refractive surgery, Da Vinci and CiberKnife robotic surgery, among others.