Cosalud healthcare for groups

Health insurance for companies and groups

Healthcare insurance for companies

Your health, your greatest benefit

What is Healthcare insurance for groups?

You will find the solution you are seeking for the medical needs of your company, association or a group of people in our Healthcare insurance for groups as we offer you a full quality medical team and the best healthcare and hospital and surgical treatment.

Advantages of this insurance

Accessible quality healthcare

With quality personalised treatment and speedy management, such as our rapid response in the case of authorisations, with a maximum of 2 hours.

Expansive medical directory

Made up of the best professionals, clinics and hospitals, distributed throughout Spain.

Cutting-edge services

Innovative treatment at prestigious medical centres such as the Grupo Quirón, Hospitales de Madrid, Grupo NISA or the Clinica Teknon.

Cosalud healthcare for groups

Insurance coverage

Members of the group will have personalised treatment and access to primary medical consultations in general practice, paediatrics and children's health, as well as ambulance services nursing, and also both home and out-patient emergency services.


This option provides all the treatments and services given in the contract of insurance without the need to pay anything at the consultation.


Healthcare insurance for groups is aimed at those companies, associations, professional bodies and/or similar groups which wish to offer the best health protection to their members or employees by giving an incentive to their workers in the last case.

Yes, this health insurance has basic covers, additional extensions and two types of agreement with the aim of giving you sufficient flexibility so that you can take oiut insurance to suit your needs.

We provide you with telephone numbers 917 83 83 83 so you can make your enquiries or request the authorisations you need. You can also manage medical authorisations here.

Request your medical authorisation

Why take out Healthcare insurance?

The most advanced medical centres

We put at your disposal a comprehensive medical team with more than 38,000 healthcare centres, as well as top quality hospitals that cover needs of the insured person and much, much more.

Paediatrician and gynaecologist

Our insured persons will enjoy a broad catalogue of coverage, with exceptional advantages, such as reimbursement for paediatrics, gynaecology and pharmacy expenses.

Exclusive services

You will have access to some genuinely interesting services, which will give you additional peace of mind and well-being.