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Group health reimbursement

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What is Health reimbursement insurance for groups?

Health reimbursement insurance for groups provides the best medical, surgical and hospital healthcare for groups, such as employees of a company, associations, trade organisations and similar. With this insurance, you will be able to choose professionals from within our medical team free of charge or choose doctors and hospitals and freely receive a refund of the expenses afterwards, depending on the limits set for each product.

Advantages of this insurance

Extensive cover

We provide medical cover anywhere in the world and with the freedom to choose your health professional.

Ease of management

Thanks to our rapid and efficient management, both when it comes to obtaining authorisations within a maximum of 2 hours, and the reimbursement of expenses in 48 hours.

The best professionals

You can also count on our full medical team, the best professionals and prestigious centres, and the most innovative treatment.

Health reimbursement for groups

Insurance coverage

It includes primary medicine, an ambulance and registered nurse service, home emergencies and diagnostic procedures.


We offer you all the covers of our medical team without incurring any payment. Furthermore, the members of the group insured will have the option of choosing a doctor anywhere in the world and get a 90% refund in Spain and 80% abroad. The maximum sum insured is 45,541 euros a year.


This insurance has been devised for those groups of people such as workers in a company, associations, professional bodies or the like who wish to have tailor-made quality health insurance. In the case of companies and businesses this can be a measure with which to take care of and encourage its workers.

Health reimbursement for groups has three products so that you can choose the one which best suits your needs:

  • Reembolso Plan Élite
  • Reembolso Plus
  • Reembolso Plus 600,000

Yes, Health reimbursement for groups is a flexible health insurance that allows you to take out additional covers so that you can complete your tailor-made insurance.

Why take out health insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Expenses covered

With our medical expenses reimbursement insurance you can go to any doctor or hospital you choose, and we will refund any expenses you incur (subject to the limits set).

Paediatrician and gynaecologist

Reimbursement of expenses also in high-demand services such as paediatrics, gynaecology or pharmaceutical expenses (according to established limits).

The most advanced medical centres

We put at your disposal the most advanced medical centres, allowing you to visit any of them or another doctor or hospital that you trust.