Incentives for employees

Guarantee your employees' future

What is employee incentive insurance?

If you are looking for a way to offer an incentive to your company's most valuable employees, with a deferred remuneration formula, we offer a range of products that will help you to build loyalty and show your commitment to their financial stability.

What are the benefits of these insurance plans?

Discover the great advantages you can choose when you take out our employee incentive insurance.

Attractive to your employees

We offer you insurance which you can use as a tool to encourage your company's employees.

Tax advantages

The tax advantages obtained may be for the policyholder, your company, for the beneficiary of the insurance, your worker or both.


Gain the loyalty of your most valuable employees and attract new talent to your organisation.


The main objective of this type of product is to create capital as an add-on to the remuneration of a company's employees, as an additional incentive to build the loyalty of the most valuable employees. 

Furthermore, depending on the insurance to motivate chosen employees, there may be tax advantages for the company, the employee or both. 

Pension plans give tax advantages that reduce the tax basis for Personal Income Tax by taxing payments as income from work, up to a maximum of 8,000 euros.

Annuity insurance, for its part, turns the party insured's savings into an income so that he/she will enjoy the tax benefit when receiving the payment.

Why take out employee incentive insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Because what is important to you is important to us. Here we explain some of the many advantages.

Personalised Customer Service

We listen to your goals and advise you on the best options to achieve them.

Tax benefits

We explain how to get the most beneficial tax treatment for this type of product.

High flexibility

We adapt the product so that it fits in with your objectives and the characteristics of your company as much as possible.