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What is Income insurance for employees?

This is the best option if you are looking for an incentive for your employees that guarantees their and their families' well-being, providing them with an income in addition to their retirement benefit, which will allow them to maintain their quality of life at the end of their active working life.

Advantages of this insurance

Features of income insurance for employees that make it a very attractive incentive to gain employees' loyalty.

Complement to retirement pension

Payment can be linked to retirement, so you will start to receive it at this time.

Greater protection

There is also cover through the death of the party insured whereby the designated beneficiaries will receive the sum stipulated in the agreement and may also opt for extended amounts in the event of death through accident or traffic accident.

Extensive coverage

It is also possible to include an indemnity in the event of total permanent incapacity determined by Social Security.

Practical information

In recent times it is becoming increasingly usual to find companies where employee life insurance is offered as an efficient incentive to foster employee loyalty, and furthermore, as a business element to provide of great feasibility to its projects without having to constantly become involved in laborious and costly employee replacement and recruitment processes. 

Insurance companies have made a whole range of employee life insurance possibilities available to companies, in accordance with the current legal framework and covering the needs that companies pose in the event of death (widowhood and orphanhood), permanent disability, retirement and employee dependency. 

These solutions include income insurance for employees, which guarantee the corresponding beneficiary, in the event of the insured person's death, a periodic income, which may be constant or revalued annually, either temporary or for life, as determined in the policy, and may include supplementary coverage for total and permanent disability. 


In general, everyone has the objective of searching for alternatives to complement their retirement, allowing them to maintain a similar standard of living to the one they have during their working life. 

An annuity is designed for those people seeking that financial cushion, through the payment of a periodic amount, which has more beneficial interest and tax implications than other alternatives. 

In cases where assets are available in the form of property, land, shares or investment funds, among other things, if you wish to cash them in, for example, to supplement your retirement, the resulting capital gains tax can result in a significant decrease in the amount obtained from the sale of the property. 

On the other hand, for people over the age of 65, if emoluments obtained from the sale of the property are invested in an annuity taken out over six months previously, the capital gains tax (up to approximately €250,000) will be exempt. 

Why take out Income protection insurance for employees?

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