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What is loyalty insurance?

Your workers are your company's most valuable asset. Thanks to this excellent motivation tool, you will be able to build the loyalty of your more qualified employees by offering them capital not linked to retirement, or even additional remuneration related, for example, to the completion of a project.

Advantages of this insurance

With loyalty insurance you will have an additional tool, beyond just raising wages, to avoid losing the employees who have proven high qualifications throughout their careers, to avoid losing the time and money invested in them.

Reward the best

By providing a remuneration supplement to those employees who demonstrate their commitment and productivity with the company, recognising their good work. In this way you will have more opportunities to surround yourself with the best professionals.


It is a retributive formula that it does not constitute a commitment to pensions as it isn't linked to retirement, with provisions covering both the event of survival and the event of death of the insured person.

Made to your measure

As an employer, you set the milestone to which the loyalty award is linked. You can also choose how you want to set up the insurance capital, allowing regular premiums, one-off premiums and special premiums.

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Practical information

Loyalty insurance (also known as employee retention) allows the company to form a bond with its employees with the objective of encouraging them to stay.

The company can link the payment of the provision to the business conjuncture that it wishes, such as the completion of a project, reaching an established level of production or, it can even relate them to the company's profits, among other scenarios.

It is not linked to retirement, therefore it does not constitute a commitment to pensions, although it is necessary to set out the conditions in a written agreement between the employee and the company.

In the event of the termination of the working relationship, the company has the possibility to redeem it in its favour.

In terms of taxation: 

  • Contributions will not be considered a deductible expense for the company in corporate tax, as it has no tax impact on the worker's Personal Income Tax.
  • At the time of redeeming the capital, the contributions made will be subject to corporate tax as the sum received by the employee is considered earned income.


Workers should be considered internal customers, who must be taken care of so that they identify with the company and are a faithful reflection of it towards the outside. There are benefits of employee loyalty, such as: 

Those employees who are loyal are more motivated, make better use of time, increase their productivity and are more likely to achieve their business goals, as well as their personal ones. 

 Your employees will become the best ambassadors for your brand, having a positive impact on your customer service quality. 

All in all, an employee loyalty strategy that will help you to retain your most talented members of staff. 

A loyalty plan is beneficial both for the worker and the company. Thus, among the advantages that it entails for the company, we would have: 

The amounts will be chosen by the policyholder (the company) at the time of taking out and will be adapted to each specific case, according to needs. 

In addition, the company will be able to select which employees to offer loyalty insurance to. 

Similarly, the time and conditions for the payment of the benefits are also made according to the stipulations of the company. 

Finally, the corporate tax will be deductible at the moment the benefit is paid. 

Many companies continue to take out a wide variety of insurance policies to protect their employees from any risk and even to use them as a tool for building their loyalty. Both in SMEs and in large companies, we can find accident insurance, life insurance (some linked to collective agreements), health insurance, savings insurance, pension plans and retirement supplements.  

As well as plans for professional responsibility, for administrators and management, and even those which cover the risk of employees who are sent to work overseas.  

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