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Collective-agreement accident insurance for companies

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What does the Collective agreement accident insurance for companies involve?

Collective agreement accident insurance for companies offers you the possibility of meeting occupational accident obligations according to your sector's effective agreement, in compliance with Spanish Royal Decree 1588/1999. We automatically update both covers and sums on the official publication date so that they meet the requirements of each labour agreement.

Advantages of this insurance

Taking out the Collective agreement accident insurance offers clear advantages to businesses. Some of which are:

Adapted to each company

Our Collective agreement accident insurance plan for companies is configured according to every working sector, its territorial area, the agreement to be applied and the number of insured parties

Easy to manage

The innominate policy insures all the employees in the contribution group TC2 of the Spanish Social Security Institute (TGSS).

Always up-to-date

We have an automatic system for updating agreements, that permits daily monitoring and updating of modifications published in the respective Official Gazettes. Thus, your Collective agreement accident insurance will always be up-to-date.


Insurance coverage

In the event of death of an insured worker due to an accident, the Collective agreement accident insurance guarantees an indemnity for beneficiaries in accordance with your company's collective agreement, whether direct or resulting from the aftermath of one. 


The Collective agreement accident​ insurance is designed for companies that carry out their activity within the framework of a collective agreement, which establishes the guarantees and insured capital and compensation, as well as the coverage areas of accident insurance for workers.

This type of insurance is compulsory if stated in the agreement covering the activity of the company in question. However, given its importance, it is deemed necessary to take it out.

Although it could appear that we are covering the same risk twice when taking out accident or insurance or life with the attachment to a Mutual Society, this is certainly not the case. There is a substantial difference between them both since the Mutual Society will provide the necessary healthcare in the event of professional work-related injury or illness. On the other hand, accident or life insurance, in situations where an incident of this type occurs, will provide a monetary compensation to the insured person.

Another essential difference is that the compulsory accident insurance only covers to the company's employees, whereas the Mutual Society offers assistance both to salaried workers and to self-employed workers.

Both types of insurance are complemented perfectly to better protect your family, in the personal area, or your employees in the workplace.

Life insurance covers the risk of death and permanent disability due to any cause, while accident insurance is limited to accidental events, including protection against partial disability.

It should be noted that one insurance is not exclusive of the other when collecting the capital, that is, one person can have both life insurance and accident insurance, and even several life and accident insurance policies.

Why take out Collective agreement accident insurance?


We propose several insurance alternatives for your company, leaving you to choose the one that best suits your day-to-day reality.


Take out the insurance most suited to your company's needs, with payment in instalments of your choice, if appropriate.


Tell us what you need and we will take care of everything, always keeping the product updated to suit your new business circumstances.