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What is MTI, mandatory traveller's insurance?

MTI, mandatory traveller's insurance, is designed to cover potential statutory compensation payable for personal damage in the case of accidents. It is aimed at public passenger transport companies, which must include the insurance on the transport ticket itself. The means of transport included in the MTI insurance are, among others: buses, coaches, tourist trains, trolleybuses, cable cars, funicular railways, chairlifts, metro, railways or vessels with Spanish registration and pavilion.

Advantages of Compulsory Passenger Insurance

Develop your activity with the peace of mind of having your Compulsory Travel Insurance, which offers you a series of benefits, including:

Viability of your company

The continuity of your company will not be compromised if an accident occurs, as the Compulsory Travel Insurance will take care of the corresponding payment of indemnities.

Compatible with other insurance policies

Compulsory Passenger Insurance is an accident insurance policy, so it is compatible with any other insurance policy that the traveller decides to take out.


To enjoy the Compulsory Travel Insurance cover, you just need to purchase your ticket for the mode of transport you are going to use and keep it throughout your journey.


Coverage of this insurance

This insurance guarantees the corresponding indemnity by law to beneficiaries in the case of accidental death of a passenger travelling in the insured transportation means. This indemnity will apply both if death occurs directly or during the next 18 months as a result of the after-effects of the accident.


The Mandatory Traveller's Insurance (MTI) includes the following cover: 

  • Accidents occurring during a journey in the mode of transport 
  • Accidents occurring before the start of a journey and after it has ended, provided that the insured remains inside the vehicle 
  • Accidents occurring on boarding or alighting from the transport, provided there is direct contact with it 
  • Accidents occurring during the delivery or removal of luggage directly from the vehicle



Every time that we purchase a ticket for using a public means of transport, we acquire compulsory travel insurance, which is included in the price.

This is a Compulsory Passenger Insurance that collective transport companies must take out.

It is essential that the traveller is carrying a valid transport ticket and keeps it until the end of the journey, as it is by this means that the insurance is accredited.

In the event of an accident it is necessary to inform the transport company.

If any physical harm occurs, those affected must be able to prove it by providing medical certificates.

Why take out Compulsory Passenger Insurance for companies?


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