Group accidents


Accident insurance for groups

The importance of thinking ahead

What is the Accident insurance for groups?

Our Accident insurance for groups is aimed at all those groups, such as employees of a company, members of an association or sector, students at an educational institution and the like, that look for the best conditions for its members, the greatest backup in the event of accident and financial support for their families.

Advantages of this insurance

Specialist advice

We offer you specific solutions adapted to your group, thanks to the advice of our network of specialist professionals.

Essential in a company

Because they are your company's engine, iprotect your employees and their relatives from the financial consequences of an accident or death.

Adapted to agreements

We offer you a specific solution which is adapted to your company's in-house agreements and, in its turn, complies with the corresponding labour agreement.

For trips too

We can also provide you with mandatory travel insurance if your company offers pubic passenger transport services.


Insurance coverage

With Group accident insurance we guarantee compensation in the event of the death of any of the insured persons due to an accident or direct consequences thereof within the following 24 months. This guarantee also includes an advance payment to the beneficiaries of up to 1,200 euros for burial and similar expenses, without the need for any supporting documentation.

Modalities of this insurance

Our Accident insurance for groups offers very flexible cover as you can opt for 24 hours a day cover or cover for accidents occurring during the working day, including while travelling. Either type of cover applies throughout the world except in countries in a state of conflict. 

Accidents caused by the following are included in this insurance: 

  •          Riding motorcycles with an engine capacity equal to or lower than 125 c.c.
  •          Accident as a passenger in a means of public transport
  •          Practising certain sporting activities as an amateur and as a leisure activity
  •          Lightning and other electrical damage, as well as fire and burns
  •          Frostbite, congestion, sunstroke and the consequences thereof arising from an accident covered
  •          Arising from extraordinary occurrences covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium


Taking out Group accident insurance allows you to offer an extra benefit to your workers, rewarding their dedication and offering protection to them and their families in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, thanks to this insurance, it is not necessary for you to be liable with your company's assets to handle these expenses.

Lastly, another of the advantages of this insurance is the consideration of premiums paid as a deductible expense for your company and as a return in kind from work for your workers.

It is a perfect product for complementing protection needs, both in professional and family-related areas.

It is therefore aimed at family groups, company groups, educational centres, or any other group of people.

Given that everyone has a different family, financial or professional situation, insurance needs for maintaining a similar standard of living in the event of an accident are also different. Individual accident insurance offers various types of insurance to protect all areas of private life, from trips and travel to the practice of simple sports.

In addition, these products offer the possibility of extending the insurance with a series of complementary guarantees that allow the policy to be customised.

Group accident insurance is designed to protect the employees in a company, thus improving the relationship between worker and company, and guaranteeing the viability of the business despite unforeseen events. As with individual insurance, there are different types of insurance to suit each sector.

Why take out accident insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?


We offer you different insurance schemes according to your company's interests and needs, so that you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Personalised Customer Service

We offer you all the know-how and assistance of the best professionals, to advise you and help you in your insurance decisions.

Complete protection

In addition to the different coverage included in our products, you can extend your level of protection by choosing another series of add-on guarantees.