Group life

Group life

Temporary group life insurance for companies

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What is Temporary group life insurance for companies?

Our Temporary group life insurance has been devised for all those companies, associations, professional bodies or groups of people with an interest in common who wish to offer their members the peace of mind of having significant financial support for their families and beneficiaries in the event of death.

Advantages of this insurance

Adapted to your company

We offer solutions adapted to every corporate sector as the insurance has been designed to adapt to the specific characteristics of each company.

All type of groups

With Temporary group life insurance for companies we offer protection for all types of groups, whether companies looking to comply with the commitments of their collective agreements, associations or professional bodies.

Extensive covers

We guarantee indemnity for death and also offer the possibility of guaranteeing total and professional incapacity, thanks to Temporary group life insurance for companies.

Specialist advice

Our network of specialist professionals will analyse and offer you the covers best suited to your payroll or group.


Insurance coverage

Temporary life insurance for groups guarantees benefits in the event of the death of the insured party. This cover may optionally be extended to any of the following:

  • Death by accident: it covers receipt of an additional sum if death is by accident. The amount of this sum will be twice the one provided for in the insurance agreement.
  • Death caused by traffic accident: it covers receipt of an additional sum if the death of the party insured is caused by a traffic accident. This sum will be three times the sum stipulated in the insurance.

Death by accident is considered to be death directly after an accident or due to the after-effects thereof within twelve months of the occurrence. A traffic accident is considered to be one caused to an insured pedestrian by a vehicle as well as in the event of the party insured being the driver or a passenger in the vehicle or a passenger on public transport.


A form intended for any kind of company, including those which have just one worker, the aim of which is to support pension undertakings acqjuired in the event of death and incapacity. This insurance offers you the following advantages:

  • Possibility of choosing the amount of indemnity, as laid down in the collective agreement, in-house agreements of the company or any other commitment
  • Automatic update of amounts due to changes in the agreement
  • One-off registration of all your employees to simplify handling
  • Premiums are deductible against Corporation Tax


This Temporary group life insurance for companies and employees is aimed at any size of business, from a single worker, to all type of groups, associations, professional guilds and groups of people in general, that have a shared interest.

One of the main advantages of taking out the Temporary group life insurance is that the premium is usually proportionately less than when taking out individual insurance. On the other hand, it is common to set a general age for maturity for the members of the group, regardless of the age of each one of its members, when taking out a policy.

Why take out Temporary group life insurance for companies?


It does not matter what your business is or how many employees you have. Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide it.

Personalised Customer Service

Just as your employees are very important to you, you are to us. So we want to be at your side, advising you from nearby.

Exclusive services

Enjoy a wide range of add-on products and services, so that everything that is important to you is suitably protected.