Widowhood and orphanhood

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Widowhood and orphanhood

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What is orphan and widow insurance?

We offer you the best way of proving to your employees that they are very important to your company and that their peace of mind and the welfare of their families concern you. To do this, we offer you a financial solution that will provide an income for your workers' spouses or children if they die, thanks to our orphan and widow insurance.

Benefits of this insurance

Build up your employees' loyalty

Build up the loyalty of your best employees and improve your company's image by showing your interest in their security and well-being.

Tailor-made solution

Because we will guarantee the income that best supplements Social Security pensions, depending on each situation.

Easy to join

Because the process for including each worker in the plan is very simple with no need for a medical examination in most cases.

Specialist advice

With our Orphan insurance we offer you a team of specialist advisers who will help you both to take out and to manage your insurance.


Insurance coverage

We guarantee a death grant in the form of an income for the family member beneficiaries of the party insured. This income can be:

  • Spouses: consisting of a monthly income through widowhood supplementing the payment which the beneficiary will receive from Social Security. This income can be for life or until retirement.
  • Children: consisting of a monthly income supplementing possible payments in the event of orphanhood. This income will be received temporarily until the age provided for in the insurance agreement and may fluctuate between 22 and 24.


This insurance is aimed at those employers who wish to show concern for their workers and encourage them with insurance which takes care of their families in the event of the worker's death.

Yes, with the Widowhood and orphanhood insurance a lump sum payment can be made if the beneficiary asks for this.

The recommended amount to insure for is the one which, together with the Social Security pension, amounts to a high percentage of the deceased party insured's monthly salary, in order to maintain the financial stability of the family.

Why take out the Insurance scheme for widows and orphans with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Personalised Customer Service

Your Plus Ultra Seguros broker is responsible for making your life a bit easier. Count on him to advise you on everything to do with insurance.


Being as each case is different for us, you and your company will receive the best treatment right from the first moment, always with optimum professionalism and approachability.


With the experience and solidity of our insurance group, we design simple products to help make your life a little better, with your interests taking precedence above anything else.