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What is Insurance for Electronic machinery and equipment?

Electronic machinery and equipment insurance offers protection from accidental occurrences affecting your company's machinery and electronic equipment, and compensates you for any costs you have had to incur to repair or replace it.

Advantages of this insurance

Discover everything we can offer you with our Electronic equipment and machinery insurance.

Extensive guarantees adapted to your needs

Benefit from a wide range of guarantees adapted to your needs, as thanks to this insurance we offer you protection adapted to them and to the economic activity of your company.

Coverage in a single insurance policy

Enjoy the protection you need for your company's machinery and electronic equipment thanks to the coverage, in a single insurance policy.

Insure more than common risks

Personalise and expand your insurance so that, in addition to common risks, you have coverage to protect your machinery and electronic equipment against unforeseen risks.


Coverage for electronic machinery and equipment

The Electronic machinery and equipment insurance provides basic cover for any material damage to machines, electronic devices, installations or equipment that, after the damage, requires repair or replacement, provided that the cause is a sudden, accidental or unpredictable situation.


The goods included are:

  • Fixed production or transformation machinery.
  • Mobile equipment and machinery.
  • Electronic equipment.

Insurable assets are those that are located in the place where the activity and/or work is carried out. If you want to insure another asset outside the area of activity, the insurance guarantees must be extended.

* This includes mobile electronic machinery and equipment in work situations when faced with the most frequent risks.

Depending on the type of contract chosen, this insurance covers payment of an indemnity for internal or external damage. In addition, here is the possibility of taking out a type which covers both.

Why take out our Machinery and Electronic Equipment insurance?


Because every company has circumstances, we adapt to your activity so you receive the advice and service you really need.

Personalised Customer Service

We want to be right by your side so we can learn about your needs and offer you the fastest, most precise response that your business deserves.

Complete protection

You will be able to take out your breakdown insurance for selected machinery with the most suitable cover options for your company and get the best protection.