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Basic third-party car insurance

With more coverage than you think

What is basic third-party car insurance?

Basic third-party insurance has the coverage necessary for you to enjoy your car worry-free.

Advantages of this insurance

With our Basic third-party insurance, you will have everything you need to drive your vehicle. Find out what it offers.

Adjusted price

You will have the basic guarantees necessary to drive your vehicle, at a highly attractive price.

Extra protection

Aside from everything you enjoy from our basic third-party insurance, you can extend your level of protection by adding other very interesting covers.

Protected driver

Because in addition to covering third-party damage, the driver of the insured vehicle will also be protected from personal damage that they may suffer in an accident.


Main coverage of the third-party policy

Basic third-party insurance guarantees you the compensation due by law for material and personal damage caused by the insured vehicle to third parties.

Optional coverage

We will help if you have an incident with your vehicle, even if it is at your home. It is up to you to decide how important it is to have this guarantee, and you may see that it is more useful than it may appear initially.

Discover the benefits of AutoPresto

Preferential care

Assessment in less than 12 hours with the possibility of assessing damage at home and speedy start of vehicle repair.

Express repair

In less than 48 hours for small repairs.


collection and delivery service of the repaired vehicle.

Guaranteed mobility

Benefit from a courtesy vehicle during repair (after booking the service)

60 euro discount

On excess for comprehensive insurance

Advance payment of excess

Start of repair in claims where the other party is at-fault.


In accidents not involving a third party, your driving record will not be affected.

Quality control of the repair and vehicle service

Engine, tyres, brakes, lights and liquid levels.

Vehicle cleaning

Interior and exterior, at no additional cost.


Up to 3 years for all repairs.

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Leave your vehicle the best hands while it is repaired and enjoy the benefits offered by our extensive network of garages.

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It is designed for those who are looking to pay as little as possible to insure their vehicles, or whose vehicles have reached a certain age. Of all the car insurance policies that exist, Third-party insurance is the most basic and therefore the most economical. 

This insurance covers damage caused to a third party in the event of an accident, including that caused to the other vehicle and possible injuries to the other driver.

Compulsory insurance, which is included in any vehicle insurance, covers the public liability of the driver vis-à-vis third parties, i.e. material and personal damage that may be caused to another vehicle and its occupants, as well as to the occupants of their own vehicle.

It will not cover personal or material damage to the driver or their car. For this reason, although it is not compulsory, it is common for the driver to take out specific voluntary public liability insurance.

Although by default, travel assistance is not included in third-party insurance, there is a possibility of including it in the insurance as an additional guarantee.

You may need it more than ever if your car is older, to avoid being left stranded if it suffers a breakdown when you least expect it.

Why take out basic third-party car insurance?

An insurance policy designed to let you drive your vehicle while enjoying basic coverage.


A good choice if you all you need are the essential guarantees to be able to drive your vehicle, no more, no less.


Receive the basic coverage at the lowest price, making sure you will be on the road with no problems.


Aside from the main coverage included in your insurance, you will have the option of additional coverage should you want a greater level of protection and services.