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What is extended third-party car insurance?

In addition to the basic third-party and third-party plus windscreen (mandatory and voluntary public liability, legal defence and damage claim, driver protection, windscreen, travel assistance, telephone legal defence and traffic infringement defence), extended third-party insurance offers more complete protection with added guarantees.

Advantages of this insurance

For drivers who are looking for extra protection for their vehicle, without waiving the possibility of enjoying some additional features.

You choose your garage

Your car in the hands of the best professionals, who you can choose from a wide variety of approved garages.

Quality of service

Any work done on your vehicle will be guaranteed for repairs and parts used.

More than insurance

You can include additional services such as administration, psychological support or mechanical advice.


Main coverage

In the event of a fire or explosion you will be covered for all material damages to the car. This coverage encompasses all fire damage whether the vehicle is in transit or parked.

Optional coverage

We'll find you a courtesy vehicle at the company's expense, to ensure you remain mobile. For up to 30 days in the event of theft.

Discover the benefits of AutoPresto

Preferential care

Assessment in less than 12 hours with the possibility of assessing damage at home and speedy start of vehicle repair.

Express repair

In less than 48 hours for small repairs.


collection and delivery service of the repaired vehicle.

Guaranteed mobility

Benefit from a courtesy vehicle during repair (after booking the service)

60 euro discount

On excess for comprehensive insurance

Advance payment of excess

Start of repair in claims where the other party is at-fault.


Keeping your bonus in claims under damage covers.

Quality control of the repair and vehicle service

Engine, tyres, brakes, lights and liquid levels.

Vehicle cleaning

Interior and exterior, at no additional cost.


Up to 3 years for all repairs.

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Leave your vehicle the best hands while it is repaired and enjoy the benefits offered by our extensive network of garages.

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Because it includes guarantees such as fire or theft, which can occur at any time. Furthermore, when we talk about theft, we are not referring only to the theft of the vehicle, but any parts of it that may be particularly valuable.

This is a very balanced policy for its value for money; in addition to the basic third-party coverage (mandatory and voluntary public liability) or third party plus windscreen, you can protect your vehicle from damage caused by fire and theft.

One of the guarantees that you can choose to include in your third-party extended policy is coverage for personal damage caused by collision with hunting animals (any that are hunted), since the driver will be liable for any damage caused.

Why take out the extended third-party car insurance policy?

Because you and your vehicle deserve the best coverage and the best possible service.


Leave everything relating to your car insurance to our experts, to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Enjoy your driving knowing that, in the event of an unforeseeable event, we will be there to help you solve it.

Extended services

We provide you with a wide range of complementary coverage, to ensure your well-being.