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Hunting and sport fishing civil liability insurance

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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Our Hunting and sport fishing civil liability insurance offers you the protection demanded by law for hunting. The cover of this insurance falls within the limits set in the Regulations for hunters civil liability insurance and gives you protection in the event of physical injuries caused by weapons to third parties. In addition, you may extend this protection to material damage.

Advantages of this insurance

Extensive coverage

This includes compulsory protection required by law and allows you to extend covers so that you can take out the hunters insurance which suits you.


We offer you the protection that you need to go hunting at a really competitive price.

Hunting dogs

Have the possibility of including up to four hunting dogs in the same insurance contract.

National coverage

We offer you protection for hunting throughout the country.

Hunters Civil Liability

Main coverage

So that you comply with current laws, we cover possible physical injuries caused by your weapon going off accidentally both while hunting and during rest periods provided this happens within the boundaries of a hunting reserve or land authorised for this activity.


This includes compulsory civil liability covering physical injuries to third parties for the maximum required by law, voluntary civil liability which extends the amount of indemnity for physical injuries and includes material damage up to a total of 150,000 euros.


This insurance is aimed at those hunters who wish to hunt in accordance with current legislation.

Voluntary civil liability offers greater protection than the minimum required by law and covers material damage to third parties, in addition to physical injuries.

The insurance includes the use of two hunting dogs while hunting and in addition you will have the option of including up to two additional dogs in the same contract.

  • Cases where the hunter is not obliged to pay indemnity because the act was due solely to the fault or negligence of the injured party or to force majeure. Defects, breakages or faults in hunting weapons and their mechanisms or ammunition will not be considered cases of force majeure. 

  • Injuries to dogs taking part in the same hunt. 

  • Damage or claims arising because the hunter did not hold the appropriate licences for possessing hunting weapons. 

  • Liability arising from malicious acts. 

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