General Civil Liability

Civil Liability

Civil liability insurance for individuals

The all-inclusive solution

What does our Personal civil liability insurance offer you?

Because unexpected situations can arise in our day-to-day lives that we have to respond to, we offer the solution so as not to compromise your property and assets in the event of possible claims for damages, with the very best legal defence, thanks to our Personal Civil Liability Insurance.

Advantages of this insurance

Protection for your family

We offer you the most suitable covers for protecting your family, by bearing any indemnities due from you for damage and harm.

Adapted amounts

You can select the limits of indemnity which best suit your needs from a wide variety.

Specialist advice

We make professionals who specialiise in civil liability available to you to answer your queries and get the most suitable insurance for you.

General Public Liability

Main coverage

We provide the essential Personal and family civil liability cover, with which we will pay any compensation arising from claims for damages caused to third parties, which could occur in your private life or that of a family member. In this regard, situations as diverse as the following are included: 

  • Damages arising from your private actions and those of your family members, as well as playing sport as an amateur
  • Damages to third parties that occur while carrying out repair work on the property
  • Damages to third parties caused by the use of bicycles, rowing or pedal boats and surfboards
  • If you have a property rented, we cover the personal injury and damage to property that your tenant could claim from you
  • If you have domestic staff, you can include liability for damages caused to third parties that could occur during the course of their work at your home


Designed for people, with or without a family, who are looking for an insurance policy that defends their interests in the event of claims for damages caused to third parties in their private life.

In addition, this is an insurance policy through which Plus Ultra Seguros would have to bear the risk of any costs arising from any damages caused to third parties, which, in certain circumstances, may not even be affordable for the insured party, in such a way that said claims for damages do not have an impact on your finances.

This insurance offers cover in the event of claims for damage to third parties, including legal and extrajudicial expenses, defence costs and any judicial bonds to guarantee your civil liability.

The principal guarantee consists of the payment of any compensation that the policyholder would be liable for in the event of damages caused to third parties.

On the other hand, if the policyholder is required to go to court because of claims filed by an injured party, Plus Ultra Seguros would cover the costs and legal expenses incurred, as well as the fees for lawyers and other professionals involved. In addition, if it is necessary to establish bonds, this would also be covered, as well as any out-of-court costs incurred with respect to the claim itself.

General civil liability insurance covers the insured party for their liability for any damages to property or personal injury caused to third parties, since all individuals or companies are obliged to compensate said damages. 

As well as personal and family civil liability insurance, we offer protection for other activities such as: 

  • Sport and underwater fishing practised as an amateur

  • Ownership of carriages

  • Wheelchair owner or user

  • Life guard

  • Owner of pets such as dogs or riding horses, including those harnessed to carriages

Why choose Personal civil liability insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

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