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Community insurance for homeowners associations

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What does Community insurance for homeowners associations offer you?

Every community of homeowners is unique and Plus Ultra Seguros knows it. That's why with Community insurance for homeowners associations, we offer a range of cover to protect your homeowners' community, as well as the common and private elements in your building, in the event of any unexpected events that could arise.

Advantages of this insurance

Peace of mind for your residents community

We provide you a comprehensive solution adapted to each building, ensuring peace of mind and comfort for its owners and families in the event of any undesirable situations.

For every type of community

Whether it's a group of homes owned by different people or just one person, or a community of private garages or you are searching for a plan for communal outdoor areas.

Thinking about your neighbours' welfare

With cover against serious risks such as fire and water damage in communal areas, glass breakage in communal areas and public liability for buildings.

With access to very useful services

Such as claims from owners for non-payment, technical building advice, pest control service or prevention service for pipe and drain blockage.

Community insurance

Main coverage

There are many situations in which the structural elements in your community, the common facilities and even the trees and plants in the garden may be affected by fire, either through everyday accidents or other circumstances. With Community insurance for homeowners associations we cover any damage caused by the direct action of fire, explosion of facilities or devices, as well as that caused by lightning. This guarantee also includes expenses arising from the fire's extinction or secondary damage such as smoke.



This modality is designed for those communities of flats, apartments and offices, whether they are owned by one or several owners, located in one or more tower blocks that form a community of residents. This insurance can include common facilities, garages, green spaces and business premises that form part of the community.


Buildings includes the physical structure of the building, walls, ceilings/roofs and floors, as well as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, installed utilities, toilets, solar panels, or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or sports grounds and garden plants and trees.

Contents refers to the furniture and furnishings that belong to the owners' community and do not have a proprietary character, which are located in the common parts of the insured building.

Public Liability covers the payment of any indemnity that the community of homeowners has to face due to being civilly liable as a result of direct bodily harm, material damage or loss arising thereof caused unintentionally by third parties.

Our Community insurance for homeowners associations offers several modalities to complete this cover:

  • Public liability of the property: arising from the insured building, and it includes actions carried out by employees contracted by the community.

  • Employers' public liability: which will take care of the corresponding indemnities arising from work-related accidents sustained by employees of the community while carrying out their work in the insured building, provided that they contribute to the Social Security system.

  • Public liability of the governing board: that protects the community's governing bodies.

  • Public liability through environmental contamination: damage caused to natural resources by the introduction or dispersion of harmful materials.

By taking out the Legal Protection optional cover, Community Insurance will assume any expenses arising from professional and legal fees in defence proceedings and/or claim fees from work-related or criminal proceedings.

If an owner does not pay their owners association fees, the owed amounts can be claimed in two ways. Firstly, amicably, whereby the owners association can request the payment from the owner and/or tenant with the corresponding interest accrued. And, secondly, the owners association can opt to claim through the courts, which will require legal advisory services and the involvement of a lawyer and/or solicitor.

When contracting this optional cover, the Community insurance for homeowners associations covers any eventual damage sustained by vehicles parked in the garage due to Fire, Explosion and/or Theft. In the event of theft, the cover is applicable exclusively to the total disappearance of the vehicle.

This protection has been conceived for the cars of owners that are kept in the communal parking area, provided that it is under cover and not in the open air.

The aim of this guarantee is to ensure any damage caused by an accident and the subsequent repair does not alter the aesthetics of your building in any way.

For example, you have some repairs carried out on your pipes and some tiles end up broken - and you can't find a match for the originals. If you have this coverage we take care of maintaining the aesthetic of the area affected, and would replace all of the tiles for new ones with similar characteristics.

If you wish, you can take out the optional Machinery Breakdown cover, and the insurance will also cover these repairs.

This issue mainly affects owners of buildings who have rented several dwellings or premises. By taking out the optional Rental Loss guarantee, the policy covers the loss of these amounts. Compensation will be calculated based on the monthly amount of the rentals in effect at the time of the claim and the material term necessary to render the affected dwellings, offices or premises usable again.

Why take out Community insurance for homeowners associations?

The best professionals

Automatic reappraisal

Repair service