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Professional civil liability insurance

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What is professional civil liability insurance?

Our professional civil liability insurance offers protection to professionals in activities such as health, education, engineering, etc. Keep your assets covered against potential direct material or personal damage or financial losses caused to a third party in the course of your activity.

Advantages of this insurance


We offer different types of coverage depending on your professional activity: health, veterinary, teaching, engineering and consulting.

Comprehensive coverage

All the coverage you need in a single insurance policy, and criminal defence services, damage claims and a 24-hour telephone helpline.


You can split the premium into several instalments, and we will also revalue the coverage amount annually so that it is always optimum.

Professional civil liability insurance

Coverage of this insurance

Professional civil liability insurance offers coverage for personal damage and losses involuntarily caused to third parties due to or in the performance of your professional activity. 


Our professional liability insurance is specially designed for professionals who carry out their work in any of these areas:

  • Health: physicians with a higher degree, mixed specialities with or without surgery, non-physicians with a mid-level degree, non-qualified staff, medical centres and other health-related activities.  
  • Veterinary: qualified professionals and veterinary centres.  
  • Teaching: teachers and schools.  
  • Advice, mediation or representation: law professionals and other disciplines. 
  • Engineering: free exercise of the profession dependent on private, public or state companies and technical offices.

This optional cover consists of financial compensation that you can receive in the event of professional disqualification through a definitive resolution due to events that occurred during your professional practice and while the insurance was in force.

This indemnity will be provided in the form of a monthly subsidy to compensate for net income not received during the period in which you are professionally disqualified.

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