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What is cyber risk insurance for businesses?

Protect your business from cyber attacks that compromise the security of your computer systems with our Cyber risk insurance. A solution that includes coverage to deal with data losses and potential third-party claims and provide the best prevention services to analyse vulnerability and provide digital surveillance, as well as managing security breaches.

Advantages of this insurance

Your activity is safe thanks to the advantages of the cyber protection provided by this insurance.

Recover your data

In the event of a cyber attack, the costs of recovering data, cleaning malware and restoring access control systems will be covered.

Prevention programme

Cyber risk insurance for companies includes a complete analysis of vulnerabilities and potential risks, as well as an anti-hijacking application to detect and prevent ransomware attacks.

Loss of confidential data

Legal, defence and indemnity expenses for injured parties will be included in the event confidential information is lost, stolen or disclosed.

Complementary guarantees

Coverage that will help you after a cyberattack, such as loss of profits due to interruption of activity, management of online reputation or cyber extortion.

Benefits of cyberrisk insurance

Insurance coverage

If data is lost or stolen or the services provided by the insured computer systems cannot be accessed as a result of a cyberattack, computer virus or human error, this coverage includes:

  • The cost of restoring lost data to recover damaged software, acquiring licences or adapting new systems if necessary.
  • Cost of decontaminating data malware, backups, systems and electronic media.
  • Research to identify the origin and circumstances of the situation and to limit its impact.
  • Cost of restoring the access control system.
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All small and medium-sized companies that use IT systems in their day to day operations who are interested in protecting their activities and their data, given the rising frequency of cyber attacks.

Any company that stores, handles or transmits data is exposed to cyberattacks and must take the necessary measures to protect it and comply with current data protection regulations.

Because every day in Spain attacks are carried out on corporate security systems in all sectors (not just the technology sector). Specifically, attacks on SMES have increased in the last year, as they have lower levels of protection than large companies.

Furthermore, the average cost of the losses incurred on these situations increases every year, as do the different routes criminals use to access information, from hacking or malware (a virus) to hijacking systems and data to demand a ransom.

Different situations may arise depending on the severity of the cyber attack, from operational difficulties due to the inability to use the affected systems, economic losses due to not being able to perform your activity as normal, sanctions imposed by regulatory data protection bodies, or damage to the image and reputation of your brand.

Cyber risk insurance for companies will help you implement a risk prevention plan and will also provide you with coverage to resolve the consequences of a cyber attack.

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