Legal protection for companies

Legal protection insurance

Legal protection insurance for the self-employed and companies

Peace of mind for any legal affairs affecting your activity

What is Legal protection insurance for the self-employed and companies?

With our Legal Protection Insurance for the self-employed and companies you will have the support of an extensive network of solicitors to resolve any legal issues concerning your professional activity. Protect your business's interests and enjoy the best legal advice whenever you need it.

Advantages of this insurance

Different modalities

We adapt to your activity by offering different modalities appropriate for all types of legal requirements.

Legal service

Receive guidance and response to legal issues in all areas that your business or activity requires

Defending your interests

Both in third-party claims processes and managing your legal defence before courts and in legal matters.

Iberinform Service

You can access an exclusive and comprehensive information consultation service to stay ahead of risk situations and manage your client portfolio.

Legal protection for companies

Coverage of this insurance

Get access to a professional team of legal specialists who will provide you with advice in person, by telephone or by email, however you prefer. You will also have support in court summons.

Legal protection modalities for the self-employed and companies

Both for self-employed workers and for protecting business owners and their business's assets.


This insurance is intended to protect, advise and defend the needs, rights and interests of people in the scope of their professional activity. Therefore, it is intended for all types of professionals, self-employed workers or entrepreneurs who seek the best legal defence.

Having a legal protection and defence policy will be of great help in cases such as:

  • Claims for bodily harm and injuries suffered by a worker due to recklessness by a third party.
  • After receiving a summons.
  • In the event of non-payment by tenants in rental properties.
  • Breach of contract by a service company.
  • Illegal occupation issues.
  • Claim for non-payment of invoices.
  • Defence against complaints of workplace harassment.
  • Defence during a workplace inspection.
  • Doubts about the financial solvency of a potential client.

Why take out our Legal protection insurance for the self-employed and companies?

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