Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation

A courtesy service from Plus Ultra Seguros

Prevention and treatment for your heart

You will have access to a complete physical and psychological recovery programme designed to help you after a heart disease.

Physical rehabilitation

After performing a stress test, you will be assigned to a suitable a training group with sessions conducted by a physiotherapist and with electrocardiographic monitoring.

Psychological rehabilitation

After suffering a coronary accident, we will offer you dynamic relaxation techniques and group psychotherapy, an optimal way to combat anxiety and depression.

Information on cardiovascular health

Intended for patients and their relatives, with this coverage we will offer you information on the risk factors that should be corrected.

How to request this service

In just two simple steps you will be able to enjoy our cardiac rehabilitation service

Call us on 917 83 83 83

Contact your usual broker or call us on 917 83 83 83 to receive all the information.

Send us the documentation

You will need to provide us with a service request, a cardiologist's certificate and a medical assessment questionnaire.