Legal advice helpline

Legal advice helpline

A courtesy service for all our customers

Legal advice just one call away

For being a Plus Ultra Seguros customer you have access to a legal helpline service to resolve any legal queries that may arise in your day-to-day life, relating to your vehicle, your home or your family.

For being a client of Plus Ultra Seguros

You will be able to use this courtesy service, regardless of which insurance you have taken out with us.

Available 24 hours a day-365 days a year

With just one call to 917 83 83 83, at any time you need it, a professional team will resolve your legal queries.

What does the legal helpline service include?

We offer legal advice for obtaining documents, such as: 

  • Proof of Life of the successors of the Insured party. 
  • Marriage certificate from the Ecclesiastical Archive. 
  • Civil Partnership Registry certificate. 
  • The will of the deceased Insured party. 
  • Official registry entries. 

Similarly, it will also be possible to make legal enquiries over the phone on: 

  • Processing inheritances with a will, inheritances without a will, acceptance or renunciation of inheritances and asset inventory. 
  • Fiscal matters regarding Inheritance tax.