Life insurance

Funeral insurance

At those difficult times

What is this insurance?

At such a difficult time as after the loss of a loved one, death insurance will arrange all the procedures and cover all the expenses relating to the funeral service, with just one call. In addition, it covers all the legal proceedings, with different cover to adapt to your family situation.

What are the benefits of our death insurance policies?

Taking out death insurance has a lot of benefits, from having a comprehensive service that takes care of all the details to the savings it entails.

With everything needed

Our death insurance policies take into account everything needed for managing the funeral, so you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses or procedures.

Transfer costs included

The costs incurred in transferring to the area in Spain where the service will be held are included and, if you are a foreign resident, we offer specific insurance that includes repatriation.

Payment flexibility

You can choose the most convenient way for you to pay: monthly, quarterly, every six months. And if you are over 70, we have Single-premium insurance.


What cover does death insurance include?

Among the situations covered by death insurance, the foremost is the comprehensive management and expenses for the funeral service. The insured party can chose this service to include religious services, the coffin, floral arrangements and flowers, the gravestone, cemetery niche, and everything needed for the funeral to be held, adapting the services to the uses and habits of the location chosen. 

Other important cover included is the transfer of the deceased person to the location chosen for the funeral, even if this is far from their usual residence. In addition, Plus Ultra Seguros offers death insurance with repatriation for people who are living in Spain and choose to return to their home country. 

Our death insurance policies also include all the administrative and legal management involved, thus preventing the family from having to worry about these procedures at such a difficult time. 

Collateral guarantees

This service, included with our family death and repatriation insurance policies, gives you access to certain healthcare and wellness services with significant discounts and advantageous conditions, such as: 

  • Medical service:
    With access to more than 6,000 doctors and/or centres. 
  • Dental service:
    More than 1,000 dental clinics that include various free services (oral diagnosis, preventive dentistry, fillings and periodontics etc.). 
  • Wellness services:
    More than 2,000 doctors and centres that offer a very wide range of services (ophthalmic laser, assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy, alternative medicine, psychology, chiropody, opticians, vets and much more). 
  • International second medical opinion service:
    Free for severe illnesses. 
  • Care for the elderly and/or dependent persons:
    In addition, there are also services for families and children, such as the "school-free days” voucher. 

Factors that influence price

Besides the peace of mind that comes from having everything organized in advance, death insurance offers savings when facing funeral service costs.

Age of the insured persons

The age of the insured persons influences the price of the insurance, it being recommendable to take it out at an early age or when starting a family.

Services chosen

At Plus Ultra Seguros, you can take out the insurance policy that best suits your circumstances, choosing the funeral service and including a cemetery niche or grave if required.

Insured capital

According to the type of service chosen, you will be guaranteed final capital to cover all the expenses, which will be reassessed over the years.


Anyone at any age can take out death insurance, and the policy can include anyone as the insured party, regardless of their age. However, it should be borne in mind that the premium to be paid for the insurance will vary according to the age of the insured parties. 

Death insurance is a policy that covers the costs incurred in laying the insured party to rest, from the funeral service itself to the costs of transferring the deceased person from one area to another, as well as facilitating all the procedures and formalities that need to be carried out when someone dies. In this way, you prevent the trouble and expenses arising from the insured party's death from falling on their relatives. 

There is also other additional cover that you can include in your insurance, not linked to the funeral, such as a second medical opinion, dental or wellness services (chiropody, psychology, plastic surgery or assisted reproduction etc.) and legal advice phone service. 

Although the purpose of this kind of insurance is always that of covering the costs of the funeral and facilitating the necessary procedures at the time of the insured party's death, there are different systems in order to adapt the policy to each particular person. 

So you can take out the insurance with a levelled premium, that is, paying an amount periodically, with minimal reviews to update it according to risk factors and the cost of funerals. 

You can also choose to make a single payment in the case of single-premium death insurance, especially designed for older people. 

In addition, we offer specific products for foreign residents, with very specific cover such as repatriation of the deceased. 

Why take out death insurance with Plus Ultra?

Plus Ultra Seguros, with its extensive experience in the sector, has agreements with the very best professionals who will provide you with quality care and services.

Complete peace of mind

The capital insured is reassessed to keep it updated and it can include a supplementary amount to avoid unexpected events. If the cost of the service is lower, the beneficiaries will receive the difference.

Complementary coverage

In addition to the most comprehensive guarantees for holding the funeral service and all related procedures, our insurance policies offer you additional cover such as medical and legal advice over the phone.

Expert professionals

From the most effective advice when taking out a policy to the most professional, personal management for the funeral service, Plus Ultra Seguros guarantees you the very best care.