Funeral insurance

Death insurance with repatriation

Next to your loved ones, no matter how far away you are

What is Death insurance with repatriation?

With our Death insurance with repatriation, you will have the best support and all the services that your family needs when a loved one passes away, including the procedures and costs of repatriation to the selected country.

Benefits of our Death insurance with repatriation

With our repatriation cover, you have the peace of mind that comes from having everything planned and the professionals that will manage everything necessary for the well-being of your loved ones.

We take care of it all

We help you with the processes and preparations, from the funeral service to the international transfer of the deceased person to the country selected for the service.

Protect your whole family

Take out your funeral insurance with repatriation and you can include all your family members on the same policy.

Always by your side

We also offer other advantages such as our medical advice service helpline, consultancy, wills or protection for pets.


Main coverage

This guarantee offers management and processing of the funeral service, and covers the costs derived from the service in the area of residence, or Spanish location of your choice.

Pet service

Pet services

Include this service when you take out your death insurance and you will have a veterinary directory, unlimited free consultations and discounts on tests. It also includes a cremation service to manage everything you need at the most delicate time.

More information


The Death insurance with repatriation is aimed at people from any country in the world who live in Spain, and who want to return to their home countries after death, without this being a financial burden for relatives.

The aim of this insurance is to cover funeral expenses at the deceased's place of residence in Spain as well as their subsequent repatriation to a country anywhere in the world provided for in the contract of insurance.

This funeral insurance provides for a family member's right to accompany the deceased during repatriation. The cost of a return tourist class air ticket or a ticket for any other form of group passenger transportation is covered for this person to accompany the deceased to the country where burial will take place.

Why take out Death insurance with repatriation?

We are always ready to offer you the best solutions for your insurance needs.

The best professionals

Making our panel of experts available to you, so that you can consult them on any queries you may have.

Complete protection

Offering you an entire range of products and cover, thus obtaining comprehensive protection for you and yours.

Exclusive services

With differential services and cover, always at the forefront in the insurance sector.