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Senior Death Insurance

Leave everything taken care of

What does Senior Death?

With our Senior Death insurance, we offer you comprehensive cover that includes all the services and expenses required if a loved one dies, with a simple solution thanks to being paid in one single instalment, so you can leave everything planned.

Advantages of this insurance

Single premium Senior death insurance is the most comprehensive solution for people over 70 who are looking for a service with the best advantages.

We take care of it all

We manage all of the procedures, from the funeral service to transferring the deceased person to the location chosen for the funeral.

Personalised attention for your family

With Senior Death, your family will receive the support needed at such a difficult time as the death of a loved one.

Lump sum payment

A lump sum payment when the policy is taken out guarantees the provision of services derived from the insured person's death, as established in the contract.


Main coverage

This death insurance guarantees coverage for the funeral expenses, as well as for managing the service.

Additional coverage

You will be able to use a telephone service that offers legal information and guidance, provided by a team of specialist lawyers.


This death insurance is aimed at people over 70 who want an insurance policy that covers the expenses derived from their passing away.

The main feature of our Senior prima única death insurance is that you only need to make a single payment when you take it out, without needing any subsequent adjustments.

Why take out Senior Death insurance?

The best professionals

We have the very best professionals who will be at your service and answer all your queries

Automatic reappraisal

We ensure that all the capital is kept updated in order to guarantee the service you have taken out.


With a single premium. We take care of everything.