e-car emergency

e-car emergency

Always connected to your car

Is it free?

Discover how to add the e-car Emergency service to your car insurance free of charge.

If you take out our car insurance or are already a car insurance customer, this promotion is for you. make the most of it!

*See the terms and conditions of the promotion:
  • Electric cars are excluded.
  • Service available for customers that have taken out a comprehensive or full third-party product with or without excess.
  • Campaign valid for vehicles up to 12 years old: passenger cars, off-road vehicles, minivans and vans.
  • Campaign valid until stocks last for company customers.
  • Excluding fleets and legal entities.
e-car emergency

Have access to e-car emergency

For being a customer with Automobile insurance

What is e-car emergency?

e-car emergency is a service offered to you by Plus Ultra Seguros car insurance to always travel connected, thanks to the installation of a remote control device in your vehicle.

You can manage a series of services related to the safety of the occupants, the status of your vehicle or your type of driving, among other things, through an app on your smartphone.

What does e-car emergency offer me?

Automatic call service for emergencies in the event of collision.

Geolocation in the event of theft, breakdown, accident or to locate the parking place.

Travel assistance request by simply clicking on a button in the app

GEO fence. Limited area of movement

Statistical information on driving style

Additional services from the app

Exclusive services

The online device will automatically communicate with the Assistance Platform in the event of a serious accident to contact the emergency services (112) and provide speedy medical assistance that can minimise serious injuries and avoid deaths. Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How to enjoy e-car emergency?

Follow these 3 simple steps

Contact us

Contact your insurance broker or call us on 917 83 83 83.

We will plan the installation

We will tell you the steps you need to follow to enjoy the service and we will remind you where and when we will install the device in your vehicle.

Access e-car emergency

When the device has been installed, you will receive an SMS with the username and password to access the service via the app.