Incentives for employees

Guarantee your employees' future

What does our insurance policy offer you?

If you are looking for a way of encouraging the most valuable employees in your company by giving them a deferred payment formula, we can put a whole range of products at your diisposal which will help you to gain their loyalty and show them your commitment to their financial stability.

Benefits of this insurance

Attractive to your employees

We offer you insurance which you can use as a tool to encourage your company's employees.

Tax advantages

The tax advantages obtained may be for the policyholder, your company, for the beneficiary of the insurance, your worker or both.


Gain the loyalty of your most valuable employees and attract new talent to your organisation.



The main aim of this kind of product is to set up a sum which supplements the pay of the employees of a company as an additional incentive to gain the loyalty to its most valuable employees.

Furthermore, depending on the insurance to motivate chosen employees, there may be tax advantages for the company, the employee or both.

Pension plans give tax advantages that reduce the tax basis for Personal Income Tax by taxing payments as income from work, up to a maximum of 8,000 euros.

Annuity insurance, for its part, turns the party insured's savings into an income so that he/she will enjoy the tax benefit when receiving the payment.

Why choose Plus Ultra Seguros?

Personalised Customer Service

Tax benefits


Pension premiums

This insurance lets you manage commitments entrered into with your workers with regard to retirement bonuses. It is an insurance which adapts itself to the specific needs of each company, regardless of its size, and offers employees an additional payment - a bonus - when they retire.


This is an insurance linked to retirement, so that the amount will depend on what is laid down in the collective agreement or the in-house agreement or undertaking entered into by the company with its workers.

Loyalty insurance

Your workers are your company's most valuable asset. Thanks to this excellent motivation tool, you will be able to build up your best qualified employees' loyalty by offering them a sum which is not linked to their pension, or even a bonus connected, for example, to the completion of a project.


Payments will be made both in the event of survival of the party insured and in the event of his/her death.

Income insurance

This is the best choice if what you are looking for is an incentive for your employees, which guarantees their welfare and that of their families by giving them a sum in the form of an annuity to supplement their pension and which will allow them to maintain their purchasing power at the end of their active working life.


Payment can be linked to retirement, so that receiving it will start then.