Machinery breakdown insurance

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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Machinery breakdown Plus insurance offers protection from accidental occurrences affecting your company's machinery, and compensates you for any costs you have had to incur to repair or replace it.

Benefits of this insurance

Extensive covers

Benefit from a wide range of covers adapted to your needs.

Three ways of taking out the insurance

Choose the contract that suits your company's type of machinery - Internal Damage, External Damage or All Risk.

Tailor-made extensions

Extend your insurance by taking out the additional covers which you need, such as Loss of Profits or Deterioration of refrigerated items in fixed machinery.


Main coverage

This type has been especially devised for fixed production machinery and covers accidental damage arising from causes inherent to the operation of the actual machinery, such as:

  • Design, calculation or assembly errors
  • Defects in material or workforce
  • Electrical breakdowns
  • Damage due to bad management, lack of skill or negligence of employees
  • Faults in regulating or safety devices

Optional covers by type

  • Additional covers for overtime or urgent work performed to repair machinery
  • Damage to refrigerated goods through occurrences covered which affect the refrigerating machinery insured
  • Loss of profits through temporary cessation of activity at the company caused by damage sustained by a machine covered by the policy


Machinery Breakdown Plus insurance is aimed at companies and professionals whose professional activity requires the use of industrial machinery.

This insurance guarantees the payment of an indemnity in the event of having to repair or replace the insured machinery, thus mitigating any loss that an eventual breakdown can cause to your business. This insurance also provides financial protection against third parties: in the event of any financial institution having helped you acquire your machinery.

Depending on the type of contract chosen, this insurance covers payment of an indemnity for internal or external damage. In addition, here is the possibility of taking out a type which covers both.

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